The wedding that comes with everyone is a holiday

Crowds, guests, hospitality are the necessity of our sincere culture… A thousand and one kinds of dishes and desserts of that beautiful Anatolian cuisine will be on the tables this holiday. The host will still insist to his guests that “there will be no diet today”. Our wish; May this hospitality and togetherness always remain, but there will be no weight gain as a result of them.

The things we should stay away from at the holiday tables will be fatty foods and sweets. It’s easy to say. So what’s the solution? When you consume enough fruit, your eyes will not turn away when dessert is placed in front of you. Fruits have been created to satisfy your sweet need. Especially when summer fruits are so appetizing, it is not difficult to choose.

Those who have fasted (Muslim detox) for a month or so should not be surprised at what they experience with their Eid meals. Oily meals will make your stomach ache after a month’s rest. Don’t let your holiday be poisoned. The long-term effect will also be weight gain.

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