The Toilet Is No Problem Anymore

Each developmental period is unique to the child, and during these periods, mothers wonder what kind of path they should follow. Controlling their muscles starting at 18 months can also occur at 2 or 3 years of age. These periods are known to be considered to gain toilet habits. There are some criteria to understand that the child is ready. You should look at these. The child begins to feel uncomfortable with dirty diapers, muscle development has been achieved at the age of 2 and 3 years, he does not want to go to the toilet in any environment, so another important point is the perception of privacy has developed. Bowel movements have become regular. He has started to talk, can put on and take off his clothes, and can perform movements that require gross motor skills such as sitting and standing. If he wakes up dry during the day, holds the toilet for 2 hours, if he starts to wonder about the toilet, we can think that he is ready. The important thing here is that if we got the wrong signal and the baby doesn’t want to leave the diaper, there is no response after the baby says bye bye.

In fact, the developmental periods go in order, for example, the child who does not stop the breast and has not started to talk, even if he is interested, the toilet habit is not gained. It is necessary to examine the rug health processes for the child who has reached the age of 4 and still uses diapers.

So how should we prepare the child?

The child should have knowledge about the toilet and potty in advance, decide for himself whether he will use a potty or toilet, what weight he wants to wear in the toilet or what game he wants to play there, it is necessary to decide together. Hygiene is the most important here. If the mother puts too much emphasis on hygiene, then the child wants to avoid a situation that will be easy to get used to.

It is important to take note of when your child goes to the toilet and how often accidents happen. It is important to wake up every half hour and ask about the toilet without pressure. In toilet training, many people trying to gain toilet habits will cause the child’s mind to be confused. The potty used should be located only in the toilet part of the house. The child will get used to this process over time, so it is not right to get angry or punish in accidents.

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