The Silent Child’s Autism Danger

Parents who call their non-speaking child smart and benevolent may be pointing to a completely different point. Autism is a complex and ambiguous disorder that is congenital or appears in the first years of life. Contrary to what is known, it is not related to the level of intelligence, and most of the children diagnosed with autism have varying degrees of learning disability and intelligence.

may be accompanied by retardation. Although it varies depending on the intensity of the symptoms, we call this broad spectrum the spectrum. Autism is not a mental illness; however, its symptoms can evoke some mental illnesses and leave you parents with question marks.

Early diagnosis is important for starting education as soon as possible. Parents, in the first three months, your child should be looking at your face, smiling and be able to track objects. When children with normal development are 2 years old, they start to speak sentences. That’s why parents who say that my child is very calm and well-behaved should pay special attention to this situation, because when the age is a little older, the delay in speaking begins to attract the attention of the parents. If the parents react late or not at all when your child is called, if he has serious difficulties in communicating, if on the other hand he exhibits repetitive behaviors such as picking up a spoon and circling and clapping for hours, consult a specialist without delay.

In addition to a strict observation until the diagnosis, your child’s special education process awaits you afterwards. With the diagnosis, the treatment plan is also formed. With appropriate and effective methods, a significant reduction in the symptoms of the disease is observed. However, there is no treatment method that will completely eliminate autism. The process that starts with information, special education, drug therapy that facilitates education (drug therapy is often added to the treatment to reduce accompanying behavioral disorders, hyperactivity, attention deficit, repetitive movements or to regulate sleep), physical education and individual or group therapy for the child with special needs. continuing with.

Autism is not related to child-rearing characteristics or socio-economic characteristics of the family. Parents whose children are diagnosed with autism may experience great sadness, and in such cases, getting psychological support is both beneficial and guiding. It is of great importance that you accept your children, support them as much as you can, and cooperate by following the process closely in order to follow the appropriate path. Above all, the care and love you give to your child is of immense value.

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