The secret of a thin waist and a tight stomach is the Brazilian technique…


The negative effects of passing time on the human body, rapid weight gain and loss and sagging in the postpartum abdomen are the common nightmare of all women, especially in these months when summer preparations are started. So, what approach does plastic surgery recommend in such cases today? Is it possible to get rid of sagging and fat in the abdomen?

A tight stomach and a thin waist… It is the greatest desire of all women these days when preparations for keeping fit for the summer are started. Fortunately, it is now possible to easily get rid of the disorders that occur in the abdominal region due to reasons such as lubrication, deformation in the body after birth and rapid weight gain.

The Brazilian Technique, which aesthetic surgery has brought to the medical world in recent years, stands out as an application in which the patient’s waist is both thinned and tightened by stretching, unlike normal tummy tuck operations. The operation, in which the rectus muscles are tightened, makes the dream of a tight stomach and thin waist, which is the symbol of youth, come true. The method, in which recovery times are much faster, is increasingly preferred all over the world.

So, what is the difference between the “Brazilian technique” and the normal “tummy tuck”? In the practice, which is referred to as the “Brazilian technique” in the surgical literature, widespread liposuction is performed on the patient’s torso, unlike normal tummy tuck procedures. This slims the waist and abdomen. The fats taken are applied to the upper part of the hips and the hips are filled and raised.

In the Brazilian technique, deep tissues such as fascia located under the navel are especially protected after liposuction. First of all, the entire abdomen and waist area is shaped with liposuction. While the abdominal wall is tightened by stitching the abdominal muscles together, an additional slimming is provided at the waist by stretching the fascia that is left intact under the navel. Thanks to the tissues left under the navel, the slightly cambered shape, which is also called the ‘Love Pillow’, is preserved under the navel of young women. Under-belly depressions seen after classical tummy tuck also do not appear in this method. Wound healing is faster and edema is regressed faster. The numbness in the abdominal skin is getting better faster. Since the abdominal skin is lifted less than in a normal tummy tuck, blood circulation and wound healing problems are less experienced. This makes the method safer, especially for smokers. This operation, in which the loss of sensation is also less, provides an advantage in beautification for many patients.

This procedure is applied to people who are not overweight, have problems with sagging skin, sagging skin under and above the belly button, and have loosening of the abdominal wall and is very effective. Patients with loose abdominal wall, abdominal fat and sagging skin as a result of pregnancy or rapid weight gain are suitable for this operation. Usually 1 night stay in the hospital. It is recommended not to walk too upright for the first 1 week and to use a corset for the first 3 weeks. Then the patient returns to his normal life.

Since the post-operative recovery process is easy, it is possible to gain a more aesthetic appearance by adding breast augmentation or reduction surgeries to this technique when needed.

prof. Dr. Akin Yucel

President of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association (EPCD)

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