The role of the family

In the past, in the treatment of psychological and psychiatric problems, the individual was handled alone, and psychotherapy focused on the inner life of the person. Today, as a result of developments in psychology and psychiatry, a more holistic approach is applied by combining biological and social models. Because human is a complex creature with biological, psychological and social aspects, and the individual’s inner life and psychological world are greatly affected by his environment as well as his biological structure.

The family, which is the closest social environment, has a great importance on the psychological life and personality of a person. Likewise, the family is also affected by the psychological state of the individual. For this reason, it is a fact that it is almost impossible to treat an individual alone today, and that only individual treatment approaches are insufficient.

Changing roles in the family and the situation in Turkey

Today, the new family structure has gained a much more flexible appearance compared to the old one, and the roles of men and women in the modern family have undergone significant changes. Although there are similar changes in family relations in Turkey, it can be said that some traditional features retain their strength when compared to the West. This difference is especially evident in the dependency relationship between parents and children. The most requested feature from children in Turkey is “listening to the word of their parents”. According to research done; 59% of mothers and 61% of fathers want this first. First of all, the child’s “independence and self-confidence” is a feature that only 18.5% of parents look for. Based on these data, it can be said that the Turkish family does not protect the individual, but the traditional values ​​based on family loyalty.

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