The Role of Carbohydrates in the Nutrition of Athletes

Carbohydrate intake recommendations;

According to the intensity of the sport, the daily carbohydrate intake of the athletes varies according to the weight of the athlete. In order to increase carbohydrate availability, we should continue to take carbohydrate intake before, during and after training. Carbohydrate consumption can be changed in the nutrition of athletes according to personal preferences and ease of consumption. it is a food group that must be met in order to provide comfort or “not increase the competition weight”. If there is a recovery time of less than 8 hours between 2 training sessions for energy intake; It is beneficial to consume snacks containing carbohydrates in small amounts and regularly. Foods and beverages rich in carbohydrates are helpful in meeting energy intake targets. If long-term high-intensity exercises are performed, sports drinks and nutrition products facilitate carbohydrate consumption quickly. In scientific studies, the frequency of contact of carbohydrates with the mouth and oral cavity, affects the brain and central nervous system and makes the person feel better. It provides a feeling of feeling and increases working efficiency. Athletes must make food consumption plans in order to ensure bowel comfort, hydration and meet personal needs. Carbohydrate intake is very important because it also creates fuel for the muscles. Before exercise; During 1-4 hours, the carbohydrate glycogen stores taken into the body continue to increase, especially the liver glycogen stores. The amount and time of carbohydrates taken before sports are adjusted in proportion to the person’s health status. It is ideal to choose foods with a low glycemic index in foods with carbohydrate content before exercise. low-carb foods; It can be barley, chickpeas, cowpea, beans, lentils, noodles, bulgur, undercooked pasta, oats, whole wheat bread, apple juice. Protein and carbohydrate are consumed together immediately before and after exercise. It is important to apply training and nutrition strategies together in athletes. Nutrition program Considering the athlete’s special training or competition program, it should be aimed at increasing the performance of the athlete. Intake of more carbohydrates than necessary before exercise affects the performance negatively. .

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