The Richness of Our Differences

From the moment we fall into our mother’s womb, we all go through a development. When we come to the end of the time we spend in our mother’s womb, with our growing limbs and organs, we are all born with different colors. In different geographies, with different colors, with different languages; Our beliefs in life, our religion, even our perspective on the world are different.

Among the possibility of everything being so different, the most important thing that makes us one is our human nature. Virtues such as respect, love, understanding, tolerance, etc., that we embody in our humanity, are the aspects that allow us to accept our differences and enrich ourselves with our differences while living together.

While every point that makes us who we are is precious to us, how is it not one of the simplest ways to reach good days without forgetting that every point that makes the other person is important to us? In fact, we need to think that we should raise our voice when the one we value is touched, while we should also raise our voice when someone else’s value is touched, or that we should not touch it without hesitation. At the point we think about it, we become a whole, at the point where we think about it…

Some of us judge, criticize, highlight and separate the differences and get closer to what is from us and distance what is not. So when do we learn to differentiate the differences when we came out of the womb the same way without knowing any of them? When do we forget that what makes us who we are, that we are human beings, that differences do not go beyond a detail and that we can be whole with love, respect and understanding no matter what color, language, religion or geography we are?

In fact, as children, we are all interested in differences, it draws our attention. Maybe we touch, ask, love, but we don’t judge. In fact, we learn to judge by seeing. A child does what he sees in his family. And the more open a parent is to differences, the more open his child will be.

A child’s approach to a different individual is inspired by their parent. We all touch life with that inspiration. To come together with people of a different skin color and make the world colorful, or to paint it with only our own color and deprive it of other colors; It is in our hands to expand our perspective on the world with people with different opinions, and to look at life with only our own thoughts and stay within the limits of our thoughts, and all these choices are based on our parents’ choices. And one day, our traces will be seen in the choices of our children.

It is important to be able to move forward by realizing that we are not separated by our differences, but enriched, and not forgetting that our approach to difference affects not only us, but also the person we approach, their environment and more importantly, our environment.

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