The Relationship Between Angina Pectoris and Toothache

Angina pectoris is the feeling of discomfort or pain that occurs due to the inability to provide the oxygen needed by the heart muscle, which can be relieved by rest or by anti-ischemic drugs such as nitrates.

Typical angina pectoris; It occurs in psychological or physical stresses and is felt as a short-term (lasting between 30 seconds and 15 minutes) squeezing pain in the chest. Pain in the chest, left arm, shoulders, neck, to the jaw and even the lower teeth can spread. It is often accompanied by complaints such as shortness of breath, darkening of the eyes or nausea.

The main causes are smoking, atherosclerosis, coronary artery spasm, high cholesterol and advanced age. Patients describe the pain as “I feel like someone is sitting on my chest”. Apart from pain, the patient has no objective and subjective symptoms. However, angina pectoris pain can be confused with toothache because it hits the lower jaw and teeth. When you experience similar complaints, they can distinguish whether the source of the pain is angina pectoris or tooth origin, when you apply to our dentist or medical doctor.

It is necessary to avoid factors that provoke pain in the patient with angina. The most important aspect of angina pectoris in terms of dentistry sadness, excitement, stress may arise for such reasons. Caution should be exercised when giving an indication for intervention or extraction to a patient with suspected angina pectoris. It should be remembered that shooting or intervention can provoke an attack of angina. If, as a precaution, it is decided that it is possible to perform surgical procedures such as tooth extraction, periodontal operation or implant applications, a coronary vasodilator should be administered before intervention. Local anesthesia should be given slowly, preferably without adrenaline.

     Patients with cardiovascular disease should definitely inform the physician about this during the dental examination. . It is also beneficial to have sublingual dragees with them before surgical interventions. However, every conscious physician will take the necessary precautions for emergencies.

I wish you healthy days.

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