The Psychology of Being Late

“I’m always late everywhere”. ”I can never be punctual”… ”No matter how hard I try, how clear the road is, no matter how early I leave the house, I’m always late after all!”….

How often do we hear these and similar sentences from those around us. People who make being late a habit, a routine, may have serious habits, obsessions or impaired thinking systems. Not being able to use time efficiently is also one of the biggest problems of last minute users.

Of course, there are places where we are all late from time to time. Sometimes to a meeting, sometimes to business meetings or appointments. The situation is even worse if the situations in which people are not worried about “making others wait” and excuses for being late all the time do not bother people. If the person is uncomfortable with this situation and wants to change it, this is much better news!

Experts divide the case of chronic tardiness into psychological and biological. While chronic tardiness may be of psychological origin, biological tardiness such as inability to concentrate and concentrate is also very common.

1: Make delaying a habit; For many, it has now become extremely routine. Because being late has become a part of the personality of these people. People of this style can never get rid of their habits, even if they try very hard and make certain decisions on their own many times. You don’t get angry with these people for being late because you already know that they will be late and you already set your expectations accordingly.

2: Meticulous and detail-oriented people: Some people are always late because they are meticulous and detail-oriented. They are late in order to do a given task better. They usually take time to get out of the house and finish a job, as they pay attention to all kinds of details. They are late to improve the quality of work, to do a better job. This problem is often ignored by others, as such people are generally successful in their jobs.

3: You may need to feel in control: Making others wait can make you feel powerful. Making someone wait may make you think they are dependent on you. While making others wait, the thoughts of “How many hours did they wait for me” “I am very valuable to them” can make you feel good.

4: Showing little respect: If you have little respect for the person you’re meeting, you won’t mind if you keep them waiting. Or if you have a “wait anyway” mindset, it’s not too bad for you to make someone wait. Sometimes you may want to be late to let people know how important you are and that your time is more valuable than theirs. The most common phrases used by such people are “I’ve come all this way for you, are you making faces at me? They are sentences such as ”’I came here, I quit my job…”.

3: People who are overly responsible Do not be late: For them, doing a job on time is respect for others and their rights. These people interpret every minute they are late as infringing on the rights of the other person and disrespecting him.

4: Perfectionist and obsessive people There are rules and people must follow these rules. It is very, very important for them to do everything on time and on time. Situations such as a late car, a flight that does not take off on time, and a delayed order at the restaurant create intense stress on these people. The time has come and if that work is not done, they will gnaw at their heart and cannot stay comfortably in their place. Such people do not like the work of others. Therefore, they want to do everything themselves.

What can be done for the problem of being late?

Have your own partition at home: Keys, phones, glasses that cannot be found just when you are leaving the house… When we have our own compartment or a fixed place, you can get rid of the trouble of constantly searching.

Insomnia : If you have a habit of going to bed late at night, turn off your night lights a little earlier. When you suffer from insomnia, both your health is affected and you have difficulty getting up in the morning.

Keep the alarm you set away from your bed: It is not difficult at all to mute or snooze the phone next to you when the alarm goes off. Put your phone or alarm away. Don’t snooze when the alarm goes off! Because we know that those 5 minutes never end.

Planning and being organized : The way to use time effectively is through planning and organizing. Prepare a to-do list. Use your energetic and productive hours more effectively during the day, do not spend extra time on anything.

Avoid being overly controlling and perfectionist: Stop checking everything over and over before leaving home or work. Once you have checked, be confident. If something is missing, try to comfort yourself with the thought that this is not the end of the world. .

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