The Process of Starting Kindergarten for Children

There may be question marks in the minds of parents in the process of starting and getting used to the kindergarten. In this process, it is necessary to pay attention to some situations so that the bonds between the child and his parents are not damaged and the process can be completed in the most healthy way.

After choosing a school, you can choose a time when the school is quieter and go for a tour with your child. Discovering the environment he will be in in the coming days with you from the front and meeting his teacher will increase his confidence in the school.

After the school discovery, you can go shopping for a school together, it will be a source of motivation for him to choose the items he will use at school. You can also read picture storybooks describing the nursery environment together before starting the nursery. After reading, they can have conversations about what kind of place the nursery is, but while doing this, it is necessary to be far from exaggeration, exaggerated expressions can cause disappointment when they start school. Again, in order to facilitate the process, you can let him take a favorite toy from home with him. Having your own belongings in the environment will give you confidence.

You should listen to the child who says he or she has fears and worries and talk about why he or she is feeling this way. Saying ‘You have become a big sister now, what is there to be afraid of’ does not reduce your child’s anxiety, on the contrary, it may cause him to feel inadequate by thinking why I am afraid.

Leaving your child on the first day of kindergarten can make your child feel lonely. You should wait until you get to know the people around you better. The orientation period may differ from child to child and depending on age. There is no definite adaptation process. However, it is necessary to gradually increase the time spent at school during the adaptation process. In the first days of the orientation process, it would be more appropriate to wait at school, you should be able to reach you whenever he wants to be able to trust the school and the environment, but if you have a job and need to go, you should definitely inform your child before leaving. If you go unannounced and secretly, he may become more resistant to leaving you the next day. In addition, it is important that you return to school at the time you promised so that your trust is not shaken. Since abstract concepts are not formed in preschool children, it will not be very understandable to give a clock, instead, you can concretize it by saying that I will take it after lunch or before dinner. If your child gets emotional while leaving later in the orientation process, but his reactions decrease day by day, it means that he trusts the school and his teacher.

Dear parents; Remember that this experience you are having is normal. Having a patient, sensitive and determined attitude will accelerate the adaptation process to the nursery.

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