The process of getting used to school in children and parent approaches:

With the opening of schools, the minds, orders, thoughts and feelings of both children and parents are confused. In this process, it is especially important that parents approach children with a clear, open and border-protecting attitude.

When we consider the important points that we need to tell children about school;

Why does he have to go to school?
It is important to elaborate, to indicate without hesitation and to give concrete examples.

What do you do while your child is at school?
You can talk about your own work process, or you can go home and tell them you’re going to cook her favorite meal. Don’t be afraid to tell them you’re in your own business. You can refer to your individuality. It’s best to avoid lying.

You need to give the child the confidence that he can reach you when he misses you at school, needs your voice or if there is a problem.

He will be able to share the new things he learned at school with you when you come home in the evening, in free time or during the dinner process, so his excitement will increase when he experiences the pleasure of learning new things and teaching.

You should know that you trust the school, and you should make sure that you take it to school with peace of mind, seeing that you have a good communication with the teacher forms the basis of the communication with the teacher.

Always letting him know when you’re coming to pick him up makes him feel safe and reduces his anxiety. In this way, you experience/experience fewer crises during the day.

Tell him that when a dish he doesn’t like or dislike comes out, it will be better if he still tastes it.

Most importantly, don’t ignore her anxiety. You can show that you understand it with your body language. Understanding doesn’t mean you have to approve.

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