The Power of Saying No

Can you really say no or let me ask you, are you really free?

What is freedom according to you? No matter how you live or how you feel, you are free.

do you believe

For example, when making decisions in your life, do you only think about yourself or do you think about others?

do you think

Are you afraid of losing? Are there people you are particularly afraid of losing?

Do you have limits? How much do you stand behind your borders? Or the victim role

Do you find it easier to get dressed?

I can hear some of you asking about my victim role. Yes victim role per person

It is always holding someone else responsible for what comes and pitying or blaming himself.

For example, you have a job to do. And your spouse or family member loves you very much.

upset and angered. And because you don’t know what to do with anger, you can do your job.

You didn’t do it or you postponed it. Then “it’s always because of him, me.

This wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t angry. You say “and blame the other party, and thus more

you get angry. Maybe you will be angry with yourself, maybe you will feel sorry for yourself. This and similar situations

It limits your freedom. And you don’t even realize that your freedom is slipping out of your hands.

Remember that being constantly in the victim role or living in fear, in other words, no.

In every situation you can’t say, you have allowed your boundaries to be violated and have victim psychology.

You will sink even more, which does not set you free.

Freedom and self-confidence improves the quality of life as well as your social relations.

Keep your personal relationships, from home life to your work life in all areas about yourself.

Whatever it is, you will have resolved and repaired all your conflicts and conflicts. that

Do not forget, my dear readers, even when a person is in conflict with another, he only fights with himself.

means it does.

That’s it for today. Move forward with love.

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