The Place of Kiwi in Our Nutrition

Kiwi Collected from the branch in November; It is a winter fruit that is rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin E and has countless benefits.

While kiwi has an important place in our lives for the skin; Studies show that, thanks to its photocatalytic effect, kiwi has a cancer-destroying/suppressing effect by reducing the viability of cancer cells. despite being very active; It has an important place especially in cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy, as even light cannot break it down. Among the foods containing vitamin D, it is the food with the highest bioavailability (use) in the body. Considering the low level of vitamin D in our country, especially in winter; Nature and scientific studies tell us that kiwi should be an indispensable food in terms of vitamin D. It has also been the subject of research with kiwi seeds. It has been found that if we chew and swallow the seeds of kiwi well, it has a pain-relieving effect. This fruit, which is among the foods with high allergen effects, should not be started to be eaten whole, especially in children. Kiwi is a very selective fruit in terms of soil. The most productive kiwis in terms of nutritional value; It grows in the Eastern Black Sea Region. Fresh kiwi; The bark should be bright brown and the interior should be bright green. soil where kiwi is grown; It is generally rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Therefore, if we consume kiwi by considering this feature while consuming, we can get much better results in terms of our health. As we always say in every food, kiwi should first be eaten in its season. When it is eaten in its season, it carries these features and provides benefits for the person.

While the winter is not over yet, we should not forget the consumption of kiwi and be sensitive about it. To a healthy and happy tomorrow.

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