The next day’s pill!

The morning after pill is a method that can be used after a sexual intercourse where you have unprotected sex or you realize that the birth control method you are using is not working, but it is definitely not a birth control method…

What is it and how is it used?

The morning-after pill is a drug containing a high dose of hormones, and this pill, which should be used within 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse, contains estrogen and progesterone hormones. If the sperm unites with the egg after sexual intercourse, it prevents the fertilized egg from sticking in the uterus. The sooner the method, which has been found to have a high success rate of 97-98% in the researches, is applied, that is, the sooner the pill is taken after sexual intercourse, the more effective it is. If the fertilized egg cell has nested in the womb, the morning-after pill has no effect. So this pill does not terminate an existing pregnancy!

Side effects and conditions to be used:

The morning after pill, which is stated to have not many side effects, can still cause nausea, headache and groin pain, weakness, vomiting and dizziness in some bodies. After taking the drug, there is a slight bleeding within 4-10 days and regular menstruation begins with the next period.

Points to be considered:

There are three important points to consider when using this method, also called hormonal emergency contraception, which should be applied in case the condom breaks, the diaphragm slips, the birth control pill is forgotten for a few days or another method fails: First, to take the pill immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse. .

If you take the pill first and then have intercourse, you can be sure that nothing will work.

Second, not seeing the morning after pill as a permanent form of birth control. The purpose of this pill is to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy, which is the result of an overnight accident. If it is used frequently in a short time, its effect decreases. Side effects are increasing.

The third important point is that the morning-after pill has nothing to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, consider this pill as an option that can save you from abortion and make you feel comfortable when you experience a very extra situation, not a gain for you to act more comfortably and irresponsibly, and continue to be meticulous about applying a continuous birth control method regularly in your sexual life.

Meet with your gynecologist twice a year, please have your examination, have your smear test, review the contraceptive method you use together and discuss the pros and cons. Wishing you healthy and happy days……

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