The most important thing for a healthy skin is a healthy diet!

Put aside the products that you buy by paying hundreds of lira under the name of care and renew your skin, and try natural ways instead of these useless products. Many vegetables and fruits that we take orally regenerate our skin; It provides a fresh, acne-free, lively, radiant appearance.

Let’s take a look at these:

Red pepper: This vegetable, which contains only 30 calories, contains enough vitamin C to meet the entire daily vitamin C need, and which you can buy raw or cooked, is also a source of vitamin B6. The carotene in it increases the amount of blood flowing to your skin and eliminates wrinkles, while making your skin shiny and fighting acne at the same time.

Dark chocolate: It is your skin friendly and protective against sun damage with its flavonoids and antioxidant substances. In addition, cocoa expands the arteries, increasing the amount of blood flowing to your skin, and your skin becomes healthier.

Salmon: A miracle food that fights anxiety, stress and depression. Vitamin D, which is abundant in it, is important for brain, heart and bone health and protects us from colon cancer. The rich omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are an important building block that fights inflammation, skin wrinkles and acne in the body; In addition, it has a strong moisturizing effect that moisturizes the skin from the inside out, strengthens it and makes it healthy. In addition, salmon hydrates the scalp, that is, it helps it retain water and prevents breakage; that is, an important nutritional support for healthy hair.

Coconut oil: A nutrient that fights infections, acne and viruses with a store of saturated fatty acids, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It makes the skin moist, soft, and free from wrinkles, thanks to the essential oil esters and vitamin E it contains. It is applied to the body like a moisturizing cream. Raw coconut oil is also beneficial for the thyroid gland.

Green tea: When consumed hot, it prevents cancer and has anti-inflammatory effects thanks to the antioxidant catechins released into the environment. It also has a blood pressure lowering, relaxing and anti-stress effect.

Spinach: A food that must be taken daily. It’s a great food that contains iron, folate, chlorophyll, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin A, vegetable protein, and Vitamin C. It’s almost non-existent. This food, which is rich in antioxidants, cleans your skin from the inside out with its vitamins A, C, E, while fighting skin problems.
Hemp, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, flax seeds: Very important seeds for your skin.. These are the most important nutrients that fight wrinkles and acne on the skin. Pumpkin and sunflower are very rich in selenium, vitamin E, magnesium and protein. While selenium and proteins erase wrinkles, vitamin E keeps the skin moist and nourishes it; magnesium takes the stress. To be able to consume these seeds as a flavor enhancer by sprinkling them on salads and yogurt; It can be used in cakes and buns.

Celery: Thanks to the vitamin K in it, it lowers blood pressure and makes blood circulation healthier. This plant, which fights stress, can reduce the formation of acne, migraine and even cancer. The sodium, potassium and water in it keep the skin moist and prevent it from drying out, provide hydration and prevent the formation of wrinkles. Isn’t it time for us to give due importance to this miracle vegetable, which is very low in calories, healthy but not consumed with much love and does not have a place on our tables?

Papaya: Papaya, a tropical fruit, has only 39 calories in 100 grams and has 0 cholesterol. It contains low fructose sugar and is excellent for digestion. Papaya is a nutrient that contains many antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and it both protects the skin from the damage of sun rays and prevents acne formation with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Carrots: Important not only for the eyes, but also for your skin! Vitamin A in its content prevents excessive cell formation and accumulation in the outer layers of the skin. Cleaning and reducing these dead cells prevents sebum, acne formation and closing of pores in the skin. Vitamin A prevents skin cancer, that is, it is a natural anti-carcinogen… Eating 1 carrot a day will be a very healthy snack and an excellent choice for your skin.

Of course, the most important issue that should not be forgotten is that while consuming these healthy nutrients, it is unhealthy, which makes us sick and causes cancer, and makes our children obese; we stay away from all kinds of candies, donuts, pastries, sugary / cola drinks and hamburger type snacks that contain too many calories, sugar, trans fats, and foods that we call “fast food”, and not to let them into our homes.

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