The Most Important Meal of the Day: Breakfast

It is a well-known fact that our eating habits are one of the most important factors affecting our healthy, quality and long life. As a result of mistakes made in eating habits, we may encounter problems such as physical and mental fatigue, forgetfulness and restlessness during the day. Therefore, not neglecting breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, before starting our daily tempo will both increase our performance during the day and accelerate our metabolism, which has slowed down throughout the night.

Since our metabolism works slowly in the case of a hunger of about 10-12 hours from dinner to breakfast, breakfast, which is the start of the day, should be made with high quality and nutritious foods. It has been determined that when the day starts without breakfast, it is more difficult to lose weight, and even the body is prone to store more fat in the next meals. In this case, it causes unhealthy weight gain and irregular lubrication.

The human body needs glucose to perform basic brain functions throughout the day. If breakfast is served regularly in the morning, our blood sugar rises regularly and the glucose needed by our muscles and brain is taken into the body. This allows us to work more dynamically and energetically during the day, as well as preventing sudden hunger.

Another thing that mothers should pay attention to is the habit of breakfast in school-age children. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins, which are necessary for the healthy continuation of the developmental processes of children, should be provided with adequate and regular nutrition. For this reason, the duty of mothers is to provide all these foods to their children with a fancy breakfast that they can enjoy.

Benefits of a regular and balanced breakfast

A regular and healthy breakfast plate every morning keeps our blood sugar balanced throughout the day.

It helps in weight control, and studies have shown that those who skip breakfast gain weight more easily and are fatter.

It accelerates our metabolism, which slows down after a long-term hunger.

It is beneficial for the functioning of our nervous system.

It helps us to start the day energetically, dynamically and happily.

It has emerged as a result of studies that it affects attention and success in school-age children.

How should a healthy breakfast be?

A healthy breakfast should be rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Bread as a carbohydrate is indispensable for breakfast. However, whole-grain breads or whole-grain breakfast cereals will be the right choices for foods that fall into the bread and bread group. Donuts are unhealthy choices because they contain both processed carbohydrates and high fat content.

As protein sources, it should contain quality proteins such as milk, cheese, eggs.

Plenty of fresh vegetables or fruits suitable for the season to be preferred for breakfast contribute to breakfast due to both meeting our vitamin and mineral needs and high fiber content.

Not including simple sugars such as jam, honey, marmalade, chocolate spreads in our breakfast will also help us to control our weight.

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