The most complicated form of pregnancy: miscarriages


Explaining the causes of spontaneous abortions that occur at least twice in a row in the first trimester of pregnancy, she states that the most common confusional state of pregnancy is recurrent miscarriages.
He points out that the risk of miscarriage increases as the number of miscarriages increases. He states that after 4 miscarriages in a row, the risk of recurrence rises to 50%. age of becoming a mother emphasizes that it increases recurrent miscarriages, as well as creates a risk of premature birth and ectopic pregnancy. She adds that women over the age of 35 should start laboratory studies as soon as possible after two miscarriages, and that the loss of time reduces the possibility of becoming a mother.
He states that recurrent miscarriages may be caused by structural disorders of the uterus and insufficiency of the cervix, hormonal and chromosomal disorders, infections, environmental and other factors.

1) uterus
cervical insufficiency; It occurs when the cervix is ​​opened without pain in the 4th and 6th months of pregnancy and the baby is expelled as a result of the rupture of the gestational membranes. In the structural disorders of the uterus, myomas, intrauterine adhesions, the presence of a compartment for the uterus, double uterus and other deformities occur. Treatment is usually surgery.
2) Hormonal disorders
It is stated that uncontrolled diabetes, menstrual irregularities, and thyroid gland diseases cause miscarriages. Medication or, where necessary, surgical intervention can be performed.

3) Infections
It is emphasized that infections caused by viruses and bacteria can cause pregnancy miscarriages, and especially “rubella” is the most dangerous infection.
4) Chromosomal disorders
It is stated that 5% of couples have chromosomal disorders belonging to the parents in recurrent miscarriages, and genetic examination of the couples is important.
5) Environmental and other factors
It is stated that the probability of normal pregnancy in women over the age of 35 is greatly reduced compared to young women, and the risk of miscarriage in women over the age of 40 approaches 50%. It is emphasized that smoking and alcohol use increase the risk of miscarriage and that women should be educated about these risks.
He tells the families who face recurrent pregnancy loss that this is not a destiny and emphasizes that these families should believe it first. He states that with this belief and patience, they can take the necessary precautions in cooperation with his doctor. She adds that it should not be forgotten that the successful pregnancy rates of people who are treated by learning the cause can be very high (90%).

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