The magic of smile

11-year-old Howard was born into a poor family. He went door-to-door selling cupcakes his mother had made to pay for his school fees. He had only sold 3 donuts that day, and was quite cold from the freezing cold. He knocked on the door of the cute one-story house, the garden of which was surrounded by red fences, hesitantly. The lovely young lady who opened the door greeted Howard with a big smile on her face.

The little boy had never thought that a sincere smile could affect a person so much. “Hello,” he managed to stutter. “Would you like a donut?”

Miss Kathy, thinking she might be cold, brought her a large glass of milk. After slowly digesting the milk and drinking it, the boy asked, “Thank you very much, how much do I owe you?” However, on the other hand, he couldn’t help himself from the young lady’s smile, which warmed him much more than the hot milk he drank. “You have no debt.” said the young woman with a smile in her eyes. And he continued; “My mother taught us never to expect a price to be paid for our kindness and courtesy.” “Your cupcakes look very nice,” he said as he gently put the money to buy all 13 muffins left in the basket. With your permission, I’m getting one for my daughter who’s sleeping inside.” he said with the same smile on his face. Howard Kelly, who left the house with thanks, did not forget the young lady for a long time with his smile that never went away.

Years later, Miss Kathy fell ill with a very rare disease. When the doctors in the town were desperate, they sent him to the city’s largest hospital to be investigated for his illness. Dr. Howard Kelly was excited to hear from which town the patient he was called to consult came from. Although she was not young anymore, she had recognized the lady who had approached her with love years ago, and especially the smile on her face, when she first saw it. He did everything in his power to save her life without making any sense. After a long course of treatment, Ms. Kathy regained her health.

Dr. Howard Kelly took a quick glance at the bill brought before him to inspect, and wrote something on it and put it in the envelope. With trembling hands, Miss Kathy picked up the envelope sent to her room. He was afraid to open it… He knew he would never be able to pay the hospital bill and would have trouble paying it for the rest of his life. Finally, he opened the envelope and noticed a note attached to the invoice. The paper read: “All hospital expenses were paid for with a sincere smile.”

I’m sure you’ve come across this story somewhere before. Isn’t that how life really is? Which of us can forget a face that looked at us with a sincere and sincere smile? Isn’t it our friends who always come before our eyes with their sincere smiles, who we want to be next to us with sentences that start with “I wish” when we are bored?

If you want people to welcome you, you have to welcome them too. The best welcome begins with a sincere smile. Actions seem to follow emotions. But in reality, movement and emotions go together. As a result of our actions that are under the control of our will, feelings that are not under the control of our will emerge. This is why; Making an effort to be cheerful when our joy is lost will fix everything. Remember that your consciousness is always at your disposal. As long as you know how to give him the right instructions.

Don’t think of a red elephant! Do not visualize a red elephant! How? Even though I told you not to, a red elephant appeared in front of everyone reading these lines, right? Your consciousness is driven by what goes through your mind. If you think of the phenomenon of “smile” with sufficient intensity, you can’t help but smile. Everyone in the world wants to be happy and seeks happiness. The most realistic way to do this is to control our thoughts. Because happiness is not dependent on external factors, it is actually related to our inner world. What makes you happy doesn’t depend on what you are, where you are or what you do. It depends on your thoughts on them.

You should smile with such an expression on your face that people around you will approach you just for this warm and loving smile.

Even smile with such an expression that people will fall in love with this smile. Remember that someone you fall in love with your smile can risk a lot for you…

The summary of what I want to tell is actually this; Smile at those who live life too fast to realize some values ​​and you. Because the person who needs a smile the most is the one who doesn’t have a smile to give to others.

I wish you healthy days with lots of smiles.

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