the language of pain

Embodiment of Emotions

It is undeniable that the family we are born into is decisive for our lives. You may not know your biological family, even if you have lost family members or you no longer see your family, they have had an impact on your level of consciousness in one way or another. We keep in the lowest echelons of our minds the ways in which your parents or those who raised you lived their behavior. Even if you do not accept their thought systems and beliefs at the moment, even if you find them absurd, they have literally permeated you. This includes their own maladies, their view of illness, the way they manage emotions, the way they deal with emotional challenges. Your family returns cannot be separated from your cultural heritage, and all accepted and approved systems in the culture you were born into strengthen their behavior patterns and make their existence even more permanent.

One of the easiest ways to deal with your emotional weaknesses is to be sick. While you are writhing in pain with the problems of daily life, you will get the flu all the time, you will be sick all the time. Your harvest would be a very valid excuse to get the flu under the duvet and stay at home. In fact, your workplace sends flowers, your friends call, you become the focus of attention, and the disease becomes a wonderful way out. You may ask whether I created the virus at the conscious level, and my answer is a very clear ‘yes’. Every person reacts differently to the same virus at the immune level, that was your way of reacting. A person who shines with happiness will not want to be sick. In marriage counseling, I have often witnessed people see harvesting as a way to receive compassion, attention, and love. While this is sometimes psychological discomfort, most of the time it is felt as pain that the person really feels in his body and significantly reduces the quality of life.

Many of you have heard of Louise L.Hay, a famous American author and personal developer. She has a wonderful book translated into Turkish with the power of thought that I read for the 5th time, which is among my bedside books. In this book, Louise L. Hay talks about the cancer process she went through and how she survived the cancer, while also talking about the psychological origins of the diseases that emerged as a result of years of work. He has become an important name in the field of personal development by teaching people these methods that he sees as effective. Louis L. Hay, which I still refer to as a reference book, has made a great contribution to me both during my own personal development processes and in my observations and studies with others.

The science of psychology deals with the nature of the human being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in a multidisciplinary manner in a holistic way. As both a psychologist and a personal developer, my method is to achieve a holistic change and transformation by blending this multidimensional structure with universal truths, science and the divine system.

Your body is like a perfectly functioning machine under the control of your mind and spirit. All parasites and viruses in your soul and body cause pollution in your body, and the progression of this pollution unfortunately causes chronic disorders and diseases. There are areas in your body where all your feelings, every experience you have, and even the inherited emotional codes you brought from your ancestors, as I mentioned in the previous chapters. Emotional messages under the influence of those regions cause diseases from simple to severe.

Being sick and pain can provide you some comfort in social situations in the first place. You receive attention and support because of your illness. You get rid of your heavy responsibilities and duties and you are not considered responsible. While it may seem like a harmless rosy game at first, it then causes deep problems in your relationships that lead to a vicious circle. You all know the mothers in the hospital who fainted because they could not control their children. At first, everyone knew that this was an innocent game, but later on, this situation would turn into a chronic relationship problem and put all family members into a serious conflict. Of course, I do not put all the responsibility on these mothers or people who are sick with diseases. In fact, this is that person’s cry for help. It’s the only acceptable method she knows, and that’s how she lets out the pain in the room. Even though they seem very simple and innocent when put into words, these feelings that remain inexpressive are the source of deep wounds in family life.

Usually, we all play this game a little voluntarily, sometimes consciously and sometimes very unconsciously, in order to shy away from the burdens of life for a little bit. Life problems that we can’t really cope with, emotional burdens begin to sneak into our bodies and become toxic without realizing it. It is an extremely slow-moving poison that works silently on the area where it is effective without you being aware of it. If you continue to draw that poison every day without realizing it. At first, your body tries to give a signal to reach you. Your immunity drops, your back hurts, your back hurts. You silence your voice with symptomatic drugs, you ignore it, then your discomfort increases and you go from doctor to doctor again, you try to find treatment, and in the end, you either have a conical harvest or you have ailments that can lead to results that require surgical interventions.

What I am telling you is certainly not that you reject modern medical treatments. The contribution of modern medicine to increase human health is real and valuable . Listen to yourself that I am talking about, be an observer to yourself, be a researcher, your body is trying to communicate with you through illness and it knocks on the door of your mind, open that door and show interest in it. It’s signaling you to handle your emotional burdens, understand that, start right now. With the exercise I will give below, perhaps for the first time you will connect with your own body and listen to it.

All you need is silence and an environment where you won’t be disturbed, a piece of paper and a pen. You can lie down or sit as you feel comfortable, it’s up to you. Make sure you don’t wear tight clothes that won’t bother you. I recommend keeping your eyes closed for this exercise, but some may also want to keep their eyes open. It’s good to have your eyes closed as you’ll be fully inward. Try to take a breath and relax and focus only on your body realize how much you can’t relax how much you can relax take a few deep breaths and out take a big clean strong breath with each breath and let out all the bad problematic dirty feelings inside you and give, do this breathing process at least 5 times. Focus completely on your body, from your toes to the roots of your hair, then ask your body, what do you need? I’m listening, what’s the message you want to give me? Ask him as if he is someone else different from you, wait a while and write down what comes to your mind, no matter how meaningless and ridiculous you write, it is important that you record everything that comes to your mind. This will both relax you and cause you to develop love and compassion towards yourself. It is quite normal to cry and feel sad during this exercise, give yourself the opportunity. After all, it seems like you’ve met someone close to you whom you haven’t spoken to for a long time.

Below you will find a list of possible causes of some diseases, drawn from the studies of Louise Hay. They are new thought patterns created against the parasitic toxic mindset that is powerful enough to harvest you. You can repeat the exercise I suggested above for the root thought patterns that cause the disease that you know or feel while reading this section. During your study, you can get an idea of ​​whether this thought pattern is suitable for you, if it is appropriate, and what other toxic thought patterns are causing your harvests. You can also make your own affirmations against your own toxic thoughts. Below are examples of common beliefs and affirmations about common harvests.

Even if the affirmations sound wrong at first, after a while, the mind will stop resisting and surrender itself to positive thinking and it will begin to become the reality of your life. Repetitions are the facts of your life.

Possible harvest thinking examples – affirmation new thinking pattern

Suffering Feeling Guilty Guilt is constantly punishing you towards now and all times I’m letting go of the past with love. My past and now I’m free too. I am surrounded by peace.

Gynecology Denial of femininity Guilt, fear. Do not think that the reproductive organs are sinful or dirty, I like and accept being a woman, I accept my body as it is as a woman, and I am at peace with it. Happy to live as a woman.

Anger, grudge, revenge Don’t be critical: Everything and everyone is fine as it should be, I accept my life as it is and let it flow. I express myself with honesty and love.

Excessive emotion, easy crying, crying for no reason: I accept my feelings as they are I am at peace with my feelings I accept myself and my feelings as they are with awareness

Avoidance of crying from being emotional Emotional rigidity: I look at life and all my relationships with love from the past to the future at all times. I choose forgiveness, understanding and compassion in all my relationships. I see the world with love.

Unexplained aches and pains; I am a person worthy of love, I have the love and support I am looking for.

Lung diseases: I easily inhale all life with love. I can breathe my life to the fullest with love.

Depression, Unhappiness: I embrace this life that is mine with joy and love. I create my own life freely and boldly.

Allergy: I am safe and comfortable where I am and who I am.

Excessive addiction to alcohol and drugs, inability to live without alcohol: I am strong and competent in the face of life. I am valuable now and for all times I like and accept myself as I am

Dementia: I am hopeful that I can easily find solutions to all my problems. I forgive all the painful experiences I’ve had and leave all the bad experiences behind. I choose to live with love and joy.

Anemia: I have the right to have fun in every aspect of life.

I often suffer from Sore throat, Tonsillitis: I have the right to demand my wishes and desires. It is safe and my most natural right to express my feelings and thoughts.

intense anxiety: I live in security and peace. Living is good and safe. I can control my whole life. I agree to let it flow for situations I can’t control.

Pimple Acne Abscess : I forgive all the hurt from the past with love.

Asthma: I take responsibility for my own life, I love and be loved freely. I live my life independently of everyone and everything. I choose to be free.

Hyperactivity: I live my whole life safely. My own thoughts and emotions are safe.

Weight problems / Obesity: I am satisfied with life. I am at peace with my own sexuality and emotions.

Heart problems: I am full of joy and love to live.

Constipation: I can easily let go of anything but everything after it is good for me. Letting go is safe and comfortable. I can easily let go of every emotion, thought and thing I don’t need.

Migraine: I accept myself as I am I am a miracle and I am one of the eternal expressions of the universe I approve of myself in every way I am.

Neck disorders-stiffness: I am flexible, I have the power to stretch in the face of all events. It’s fun and safe to look at life from other perspectives.

Kidney diseases: I can deal with all the problems from my past and their feelings. I am able to leave my past in the past.

Nose related ailments : I know my worth. I am a unique and wonderful person. I am satisfied with myself. I love myself just because I am me.

Skin disorders: I have the strength and confidence to protect myself. I am at peace and joy in all environments. I am lovable and important. I am calm and peaceful.

Sexual problems: I have the right to enjoy bodily pleasures, fully human and natural. I am in security and peace.

Paralysis: I have the capacity to cope with all problems. Everything is going well

Nervous breakdown: My mind knows its own identity I can maintain my integrity in all difficulties. I have the power to express myself.

Dental problems: I can make all the decisions necessary for my life of my own will.

Joint knee and elbow problems: I can flex in the face of life and let life flow as it is.

All hernia problems: I have the strength to cope with difficulties easily. I am in compliance with all my responsibilities. I am safe and at peace. Everything is going well. I’m in the flow.

Eye Ailments: I have the courage and strength to see clearly everything I have experienced, past and present.

Thyroid disorders: Life comes to me with its gifts, I am where I should be. I am the ruler and master of my own life.

Liver ailments: It’s safe and pleasant to move on. I’m getting rid of all bad feelings and thoughts.

Thoughts of killing oneself: I know that all troubles and pains are gifts given to me to make me better. For me there are always other options ways. I agree that there is always another option.

Cancer : I forgive all my sorrows, hurts, angers with love. Forgiveness is a human and healing emotion. I choose to fill my own life with enthusiasm, joy and joy.

Itching: I fully accept my own wishes and desires. They are my most natural right and I accept them as they are.

Stuttering: I can freely communicate with my surroundings with love. I can easily express all my feelings and thoughts in peace.

*Mental pressures and tension. The muscles are not stretched enough. Mental mobility, loss of fluidity. I breathe life into my whole. I relax and trust the mind of life.

* Hairiness Covered anger. The cover used is mostly fear. The desire to blame. Often there is a reluctance to take care of oneself and feed. I am my own loving parent. I am surrounded by love and affirmation. *It is a good and safe “safe” thing to show myself as I am.

* Infertility Fear and no need to resist the life process or experience parenting. I trust the life process. I always do the right things in the right place at the right time. I love and approve of myself.

* Inflammation of the groin (Crohn’s disease) Fear. Anxiety. Not feeling good enough. I love and approve of myself. I’m doing the best I can. I’m great. I am at peace.

* Cholesterol (clogging of the arteries) Do not block the channels of happiness. Don’t be afraid to accept happiness. I choose to love life. My channels of happiness are wide open. It is a good and safe (safe) thing to take.

*Colic Mental anger, impatience. Don’t get bored with the environment. This child only responds to love and loving thoughts. Everything is at peace.

*The arms represent the strength and ability to bear (withstanding) Life experiences. I embrace my experiences with love and carry them with ease and joy.

*Coma Fear. Escape from someone or something. I see it with loving eyes. a compatible

*Ear pain Anger. I don’t want to hear. Too much noise, confusion. Arguing parents. Harmony surrounds me. I listen to the pleasant and beautiful with love. I am a center of love.

* Vomiting Strongly rejecting ideas. Don’t be afraid of the new. I digest life with confidence and joy. Only good things come to me. I only do good things.

* *Leukemia See. Blood diseases Don’t brutally destroy inspiration. The “what’s the point” approach. I live the freedom of the “now” by transcending old boundaries. Being myself is a beautiful and safe “safe” thing.

*Breech See. Hemorrhoids Anus _Pain_Abscess_Fistula _Bleeding_Itching Release point. Load, garbage dumping I easily and comfortably leave things that I no longer need in my life.

* Feeling of guilt. Desire to be punished. Not feeling good enough. The past is left behind. Now I choose to love and approve of myself.

Letting go is resentment about something we don’t want to let go. It’s good to let go. Only the things I no longer need leave my body and my life.

Unnecessary Past with love

Don’t let go of the worthless things altogether. Don’t be affected by the garbage of the past. I’m quitting completely. I’m free. I am love.

*Anger and frustration I trust the life process. Only the right and good things happen in my life.

* Feelings of guilt about the past. Remorse. I lovingly forgive myself. I’m free.

* Fungus disease Allowing others to annoy you, to make you angry. You don’t feel good or clean enough. I love and approve of myself. No one, no place or nothing has power over me. I’m free.

Breasts represent motherhood and nourishment. I feed and feed in perfect balance

*Breast ailments Refusal to feed oneself. Don’t put everyone ahead of yourself. I’m important. I am precious. Now I take care and care of myself with love and joy. I allow others the freedom to be themselves. We are all in safe hands.

* Breast cysts, swelling, pain Do not be excessively maternity. Overprotection. Excessive interference that amounts to a bullying attitude. I’m important. I am precious. Now I take care and care of myself with love and joy. I allow others the freedom to be themselves. We are all in safe hands.

*Menopause problems Worry about not being desired anymore. Fear of aging. Don’t reject yourself. Good enough, not feeling nice. I am balanced and peaceful during all age changes and I bless my body with love.

* Stomach carries nutrients. It digests new ideas and experiences. I easily digest and assimilate life.

* Nausea Fear. Rejecting an idea or experience. I am in security. I believe that the process of life will bring me only good things.

*Heartburn Fear. Fear. Fear. Boring fear. I breathe freely and completely. I am in safe hands. I trust the life process.

* Stomach ailments Great fear. Horror. Don’t be afraid of the new. Inability to absorb the New.. Life is in agreement and harmony with me. Every day, every moment, I absorb the new. Everything is fine.

See. gastritis, ulcers

*Stomach ulcer Fear. Don’t believe you’re not good enough. Don’t bother to please anyone. I love, admire and approve of myself. I am at peace with myself. I’m great.

*Migraine See. Headaches Putting too much pressure on oneself by the desire to be perfect. Quite suppressed anger. Do not resist the flow of life. Sexual fears. I let myself go with the flow of life and let life provide all my needs easily and comfortably. Life exists for me.

*Calls Solidified concepts and ideas. Solidified fear. Seeing and experiencing new ideas and new ways is a safe (safe) thing to experience. I am open to what is good and I accept it.

*From the common cold. Too many things happening at the same time. Mental confusion, disorganization. Minor injuries. Beliefs such as “I get three colds every winter”. I allow my mind to unwind and relax. There is clarity and harmony within and around me. Everything is fine.

*Spine Life’s flexible support, support I am supported by Hayat.

Curvature of the spine Inability to flow with the support of life. Don’t try to hold on to fear and old ideas. Don’t trust life. Lack of integrity. Not having the courage to take firm convictions. I get rid of all my fears. Now I trust the life process. I know that life exists for me. Lovingly, I stand confident and upright.

*Shoulders represent our ability to joyfully carry our life experiences. We make life a burden by our attitude. I choose to let all my experiences be joyful and loving.

*Edema See. Swelling, blistering Who or what do you want to let go? I gladly leave the past behind. Quitting is a good and safe (non-hazardous) thing. I am free now.

*Coughs The desire to shout at the world. “See me! Listen to me!” I am cared for and appreciated in the most positive way. I am loved.

*Death represents leaving the Life scene. I am joyfully moving towards new levels of experience. Everything is fine.

* See thrush. Candida, mouth. Don’t be angry with yourself for making the wrong decisions. I lovingly accept the decisions I make, knowing that I am free to change them. I am in security.

*Pancreas Represents the sweetness of life. My life is pleasant and sweet.

*Rejection of pancreatitis. Don’t feel anger or frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness. I love and approve of myself and alone create sweetness and joy in my life.

*Parasites Do not surrender your power to others, do not let them take over. I lovingly reclaim my power and get rid of all parasites.

*Parkinson’s disease Fear and intense desire to control everyone and everything. I relax knowing that I am safe. Life exists for me and I trust the life process.

*Fingers represent the details of life. Whichever finger has a problem, it would be good to relax and free yourself from what that finger represents. I am at peace with the details of life. (I am comfortable and peaceful in the details of life)

Thumb represents Intelligence and concern. My mind is at peace.

The index finger represents Ego and fear. I am in safe hands, far from danger.

The middle finger represents anger and sexuality. I have enough sexuality. I am comfortable with my sexuality.

The ring finger represents reunions and grief. I have a calm tenderness.

The little finger represents the family and the assumed roles (self-images). In the family of life, I am myself, I exist as myself.

*Smelly breath. Bad breath Corrupt tendencies, dirty gossip, ugly thinking. I speak lovingly, kindly and friendly. Only good words come out of my mouth.

*Represents the Prostate Male principle. I accept my masculinity, I like my masculinity.

*Prostate disorders Mental fears that weaken masculinity. Do not give up. Sexual repression and guilt. Don’t believe in aging. I love, admire and approve of myself. I accept my own strength. I am eternally young in spirit.

Every cell that makes up our organs in the human body has a unique natural frequency. Everything in the world is vibrating at this natural frequency. In the same way, each disease and even bacteria, viruses and microbes that cause disease have their own frequencies. Diseases often affect your health by disrupting the normal natural frequency of organs. Anything that does not match your body’s natural frequency will cause harvest. While these can be as objective as unhealthy food, they can also be automatic processes that you are not aware of, such as negative thought patterns, bad TV shows and movies, bad music, and a wrong relationship.

Awareness of your body enhances your understanding of your soul. All feelings and thoughts are the product of this awareness. I have mentioned in detail in the previous sections that there is a section where every emotion is represented in the body. In addition to the diseases that are kept alive with conscious awareness, the unconscious manages more bodies than is thought. Since the painful memories and memories that the person does not want to face are stored in this unconscious part, it is not possible to reach them with your conscious side. In other words, a wall was built in our minds with these painful memories and memories, and the mind was divided into two. I am of the opinion that this department, which we have not been able to reach, has a serious contribution to our physical health. Messages from our conscious part and messages from our conscious part give different messages and energies to our minds. The bodily integrity, which should be in a certain balance and frequency, cannot provide the harmony and balance it needs in the face of these contradictory expressions and is deteriorated. Consider that the immune system, which exists to protect the human body and repair it, can attack the body in the opposite way thanks to this contradiction, imbalance and incompatibility.

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