The Importance of Social Support and Its Effects on Our Lives

As we all know, man is a social being. Almost all of us are born into a family and open our eyes to life. Our relationships with our parents and siblings are the primary social resources that prepare us for this life. Afterwards, our neighbors and peers in the environment we live in, and when we start school, our school friends and teachers form our social environment. We can compare this to a stone that we throw into the sea, forming small and then larger rings in the water.

The first point where the stone touches the water actually points to our own private area. This is an area where we have secrets that we don’t want to share with anyone and where we take care of ourselves individually. The circles that are beginning to form, in turn, refer to our family members, our neighbors and friends in our environment, our schoolmates and teachers, and finally the society we live in.

From time to time, we may choose not to communicate with other people by isolating ourselves. In addition, the size and quality of our communication with a friend does not have to be the same as the size and quality of our communication with another friend. Sometimes we may experience things that are difficult for us to share with our family, or we may experience things that shake our relationship with our family.

In these periods, it is very important to consult and get the support of people who we think can understand us and who can offer us unconditional support, especially our teachers, close friends, elders we love and, if possible, mental health professionals. Because even though we are not aware of it most of the time, the effect of social support and socialization on our physical and mental health is huge.

It is very important that our social support resources are strong in order to protect our health, lead a good life and move forward successfully in the direction we aim. In addition, sometimes we can feel very bad, we can experience compelling emotions. In these periods, it may be easier to understand the place of social support in our lives.

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