The importance of play in children and the choice of toys

Play is undoubtedly the most important occupation for a child. The game; It helps a child to have fun, to experience future jobs harmlessly, to socialize, to learn to follow the rules. In addition, it is a great opportunity to develop language, mental, social, emotional and motor skills. The child’s age, gender and socioeconomic level affect the choice of play. The object to play the game; It should be in a color, size and structure that the child can use multi-functionally and attract attention.

Children’s toy preferences should be as follows;

0-6 months: It is the period when the child is sensitive to sounds, colors and shapes. For this reason, musical and moving toys hung on the bed are preferred during this period.

6-7 months: In this period, which is the period when the child begins to sit, the child’s space expands. For this reason, babies, animals, colorful rings made of flexible plastic or rubber that the child can hold and fit in the palm of his hand and not too small can be given. Again in this period, the most interesting toys for children are rattles because they make sounds and move. Since the child is also teething between these months, teethers can be given that will not put the baby’s health at risk.

8-12 months: In this period when babies start to crawl and walk, the best toys for children are balls that do not break and make noise when they fall. In addition, toys that bounce back or push and pull, cars are the most suitable toys for toddlers. Bright and simple picture books are among the toys suitable for children.

15-18 months: As the child begins to walk, it becomes easier to move from one room to another. In this period, cars that can be pushed, pulled, made noise when pushed, playing music, walkers and cars that can be ridden are toys belonging to this period. In this period, boxes, blocks and shapes of different colors and sizes are suitable toys for the child to assemble and build.

2-3 years: During this period, children begin to dramatize the events they experience during the day. For this reason, the most suitable toys for children in this period are dolls of different sizes, various puppets, room sets, kitchen supplies, carpentry-cleaning materials, garden tools, animal sets, transportation sets, doctor sets.

3-4 years old: With the increase in the motor development of children and the further regulation of their movements; They like climbing toys and tricycles that they can get up and down on. In this period, rocking horse, pedal car, freight car, swing set are the most suitable toys. In addition, toys that can be disassembled – degraded and toys arranged from small to large can be preferred.

4-6 years: They take great pleasure from table activities as well as outdoor games. Coloring, cutting, sticking, making shapes with waste materials are among the games that can be preferred in this period.

6 years and school period: It is the period when games such as housekeeping, grocer and doctor are played due to the fact that imaginary games are at their peak. Toys for these games should be preferred. In addition to this, games that can show physical activities such as playing ball, jumping rope, climbing, swimming are games that children aged 6 can play with pleasure.

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