The Importance of Motivation

It can be difficult for us to do housework, study, and self-care while continuing our daily lives. Almost all of us experience various problems from time to time when it comes to focusing on the things we do not want to do but have to do.

For example, in the evening before we have a very important exam, we may want to watch a favorite movie or play a game with our friends instead of studying, repeating the subjects we are missing and solving the practice exam. In this case, our priority should be to study for the next day’s exam.

However, we think that dealing with different things that we are more willing to do at the moment will make us happier. In fact, taking care of different things instead of studying makes us happy and relieved for a while. At this point, the important thing is to make sense of the importance of the things we have to do in terms of our lives. Studying for that exam, repeating our courses, and then the exams we will take during our education life and the courses we need to study are actually small steps that we need to take in order to have a good career in the future.

In order for us to be successful in our work, we must first clarify our goals. When our goals are not clear, our work is less important to us, and we lose our desire for them. Our willingness to be able to do a job requires that this job is primarily for a need of ours. For example, in order to be willing to study, we must first clarify our future goals (such as having a good job, climbing the career ladder successfully). How much we are willing to meet our needs on the way to realizing our goals is one of the most important conditions that determine the strengthening of our motivation.

The more we love what we do and the better this job is for us, the more our motivation level will increase. Whether we encounter a reward or punishment as a result of our work is among the factors that determine how much we enjoy that work, how much we love our work, and how motivated we are to do it. While meeting our physical needs, paying attention to our self-care and strengthening our social support resources affect our motivation positively, not paying attention to them can negatively affect our motivation.

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