The Importance of Early Intervention in Risky Babies

In our country, the concept of Risky Baby is gaining more and more importance as it is in the rest of the world. Risky Infant Early Intervention Programs have attracted attention, especially as a result of the researches conducted in the field of Neuroscience, the first one-year period is of golden value for brain development and the effectiveness of the interventions made in this period has been revealed. This precious period should not be missed in order to minimize the problems that these babies may experience in the future and to make the effectiveness of the intervention more effective.

In this period, there are many scientifically proven and reliable instruments for the early detection of problems that babies may experience in the future. Thanks to these tools and methods such as MRI performed by physicians, babies in the risk group can be identified from the early period and started rehabilitation programs. In particular, detecting a neurological problem such as Cerebral Palsy at the earliest period and conducting therapy with the cooperation of physician-family-therapist for this minimizes the problems that these children may experience in the future.

As there is specialization in every field, there is a valid specialization in the Risky Baby field. Thanks to therapists who have specialized in undergraduate education or who have trained themselves in this field with world-renowned courses, the therapy program of Babies at Risk is carried out more effectively. Thanks to therapists who know the valid assessment, therapy and follow-up programs in this field, Risky Babies will be in much safer hands.

In America, early intervention programs for Babies at Risk are available in every state under federal law. In some states, early intervention programs may even continue until the child is 5 years old. As a result of the absence of such programs in Turkey and sometimes neglecting these babies from family-doctor-therapists, more serious problems may arise in the future. It is an unavoidable fact that the activity levels of these babies decrease due to the problems they experience in the future, their participation in daily life is restricted and their quality of life decreases. However, with the right therapy program to be carried out in the early period, these problems can be minimized and children can lead a life close to their peers.

Early intervention for Risky Babies is a situation that should be taken seriously. It will get better in time, let’s wait and see, his father also walked late, the most precious time can be wasted. A therapy program that will be carried out more effectively in the early period turns to dealing with growing problems such as snowballs as a result of being late. Or, as a result of misdirection by unconscious or inexperienced therapists, existing problems can become much more serious.

Considering all these details, families should definitely contact experienced-trained therapists if there is a suspicious situation. They should be aware that every moment of their baby is very precious and should not be wasted.

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