The Importance of Consumption of Adequate Amount of Water

An average of 60-70% of an adult’s body consists of water. Water, which constitutes the basic structure, has many functions in our body. Some of these tasks are;
– Digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients to cells
– Removal of metabolic wastes from the kidneys
– Balancing body temperature
– Ensuring the lubrication of the joints
– Prevention of constipation
– Moisturizing body tissues such as mouth, nose and eyes
– It is very important for the healthy functioning of many vital functions such as the regulation of blood pressure.

Water consumption should not be confused with fluid consumption. As a matter of fact, drinks such as tea, coffee, mineral water do not replace water, and they are also antidiuretic foods that cause the body to lose fluid. For this reason, such drinks do not replace water, but since they increase the excretion of water from the body, when the consumption is increased, the consumption of water should also be increased.

So what happens if we don’t consume enough water and experience dehydration? Headache, lack of attention, lack of energy (weakness) and slowdown in many body functions can be seen in people who experience dehydration. More than 5% fluid loss poses a risk to the body, so take care to consume water without waiting for the feeling of thirst.
-According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in order to prevent dehydration, women should drink 10 glasses of water and men 14 glasses of water during the day. These figures are the average size and may vary according to the differences between individuals. It is healthy for the body to spread this amount of water, which is recommended to be consumed, at certain intervals, that is, to consume it less frequently. It is also recommended to increase consumption in cases such as increased sweating, drug use, pregnancy.

I wish you healthy days when you pay attention to water consumption, which is very important for the continuity of life, for our body to perform its vital functions in a healthy way, for feeling well and fit.
Let’s drink a big glass of water right now.

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