The Harms of Weight Loss with B hCG Hormone

B hCG, which we call Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, is a hormone produced by the placenta that rises especially during pregnancy. Recently, we see that B hCG injections have started to be used in weight loss method in many countries. The claim put forward here is that a “natural” hormone produced by the body during pregnancy can also be used for weight loss without any side effects. Today, we use B hCG injections to create pregnancy and increase fertility. Most importantly, the use of these needles is only approved for infertility treatment. Bhcg injections should not be used for weight loss. Studies have shown that these injections are ineffective on fat metabolism, weight loss or appetite.

In slimming diets with Bhcg injection, B hCG hormone is given to the body on the one hand, and on the other hand, a long-term very low calorie diet is made. Scientific research has already shown that all very low-calorie diets provide weight loss. B hCG actually contributes nothing to this. When we take these injections, which can be used with prescription to create pregnancy and increase fertility, we will disrupt the hormone balance of our body.

B hCG injections can cause edema, irritability, depression, thyroid hormone disorders, menstrual irregularity in women, and breast enlargement, which we call gynecomastia in men. However, the most important side effects are that they cause rhythm disorders in the heart and increase the tendency of the blood to clot. When someone with liver, kidney disease or a risk of blood clots uses these needles, we may face very serious health problems. Again, there are studies showing that these needles trigger breast cancer when used in the pre-menopausal period because they change the hormone balance. B hCG has no effect on appetite, metabolism or weight loss. It is true that it is natural, but after all, it is a hormone that must be present in the blood at a certain level. A healthy diet and regular exercise are the best and healthiest ways to lose weight.

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