Migraine is more common today than it used to be. The incidence is higher in women. Although drug treatment has been started from the moment of the first diagnosis, the patient does not noticeably improve and it becomes necessary to consult a physician repeatedly over time. In almost every application, the previously used drug is either changed or the dose is increased; however, after a certain period of time, these drug replacements also become useless. The patient enters into a vicious circle over time. This vicious circle of life continues for years. As a result, the patient involuntarily; feelings of boredom, hopelessness and uncertainty develop. So, does only the patient experience these feelings? Unfortunately, the same feelings are experienced by the physicians who undertake the treatment of that patient. Because the physician has also come to the point of blockage, he has begun to become helpless and has begun to experience the dissatisfaction of not being able to fully benefit his patient.

As we see; Neither the patient nor the physician who undertakes the treatment and struggles to heal his patient is satisfied. Because, as physicians, the satisfaction and professional satisfaction of us physicians increase as we are able to treat our patients. Otherwise, we will be unhappy just like our patients. Because we are all human and migraine, like every disease, does not distinguish between occupations. Therefore, migraine; It is a disease that puts both the patient and the physician in trouble, causes mutual dissatisfaction and pushes the limits of patience.

When applying acupuncture treatment in migraine, the main goal is to provide permanent treatment and free the patient from drug addiction. The important thing here is; be extremely patient throughout the treatment. Because the disease is both a chronic disease; and the brain has recorded the pain information. Here in these conditions; First of all, it is very important to apply the treatment to erase the recorded pain information as far as the brain allows. This is the part that determines the direction and course of the treatment.

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