The Effects of Changing Our Perspective on Our Mental Health

Other behaviors that arise in line with our perspectives are governed by our Paradigms. Paradigms create us and carry the features that emerge with us. In short; It is a systematic form of the truths that people accept in their perception of the world, and it is a psychological spectacle analogy that we are obsessed with without realizing it. We create our truths by seeing our outer world through these glasses, just as we do in our inner world.

In addition to the paradigms we acquired in the society and accompanied by the teachings of our culture when we grew up with our family, there are also factors such as education and newspapers. We can encounter very often in the society we live in;

  • oppressive upbringing,

  • Living with prejudices

  • Conservatism,

  • traditionalism,

  • egocentrism,

  • The effort to mold the other person,

  • negative thinking etc. We mold ourselves into certain patterns, driven by the effects of established tendencies.

No matter what, there are individuals around us who cannot change their point of view. It is very difficult to increase awareness by breaking these belief patterns and to make progress by asking ourselves some questions by standing in front of the mirror.

In order to change our perspective in order to improve, we must not forget that we can change our lives with this awareness. If we are not satisfied with our life or if we live a monotonous and lonely life, the priority is to learn how to change our perspective so that we can change this situation. To be able to make a difference on this situation; changing our habits of perceiving the world, being able to look at the event we live in and see different things, and to be open to other options.

In order to learn this, the first step is to determine the reasons for each behavior and what the patterns will lead to the conditions. With the changes that we can experience under the current conditions, the meanings attributed to the events will also change. If we manage to face this reality, we will gain many gains in the context of different meanings by questioning once again in the meanings attributed to events and people. If we do this especially when we can be alone with ourselves, we can gain useful gains in evaluating from different perspectives. When we look at the subject in a different way, our feelings can change and events that are considered bad over time may be evaluated as different and better than we actually think. We can think that there is no problem without a solution and we can focus more on the solution of the problem.

The second step that needs to be taken in order to achieve this change is to develop our positive ability. Thinking positively is not accepting everything or acting like Polyanna. In fact, it is not enough to say “there is good in every job”. Positive thinking is seeing reality exactly as it is and being able to think positive under negative circumstances.

Finally, our empathy side should be strengthened for your perspectives. Approaching events and people with a more understanding and moderate approach, being able to listen and perceive without internalizing, and evaluating ourselves without putting ourselves in that person’s shoes will help us to acquire very valuable qualities such as being a challenger as well as being possessive. An event or person is very valuable and meaningful to all of us. Even if it arouses feelings of hatred in the following days, we must first question our empathy for people. If we successfully provide these behaviors and mentality in ourselves, we can find ourselves in a different world with positive spiritual results.

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