The Effects of Acne on Our Social Life and Mental Health!

When we meet people for the first time, we look each other in the face. Before we even know each other, we come to many conclusions just by looking at each other’s faces. So our face, our skin is very important to all of us.

Acne is a condition that casts a shadow over a person’s face and beauty.

Especially in adolescence, acne problem can create serious mental problems.

Outside of puberty, acne can particularly affect young women. In young women, being disliked by the opposite sex, looking beautiful, career, business life, etc. These intense acne and acne scars affect women quite a lot.

As stress increases, acne increases and the increase in acne creates stress. that is, a vicious circle that increases each other occurs. In women with acne, difficulties in social relations, social phobia, malaise, depression can be seen.

Studies have shown that people with acne are more irritable. Because of acne, their self-confidence has decreased. Depression is very common due to the deterioration of the external appearance.

Acne can create fear of being disliked; These people avoid eye contact, try to cover their faces by lengthening their hair. They squat. Some young girls, on the other hand, use intense concealer foundation and powder to avoid the appearance of acne, although they know that they increase their acne.

Those who have acne on their back and chest avoid participating in sports activities. They don’t want to be seen when changing clothes, they hide,

Especially during adolescence, acne on the face can be ridiculed by other peers.

Some children and young women and men avoid forming new relationships and friendships. In adolescence, they may even avoid meeting people and making friends due to lack of self-confidence.

Children with acne can seem quite shy. Therefore, they may be found different and repulsive by other people. Some may even develop social phobia.

Some acne patients are reluctant to go to school. Others are so bothered by their acne that they drop out of school and risk even their education and future careers.

Acne even reduces career options. They cannot prefer jobs based on appearance. Being spotty in jobs such as visual arts, cinema, acting, modeling can be a disadvantage.

Acne patients run the risk of being less successful in job applications. They are insecure. They may not be able to impress the recruiters because they are very uncomfortable with their acne.

All this is enough to understand how important acne is a disease.

However, there is a definite and permanent treatment for acne-pimples!! This situation, which can make people so sad and make life difficult, can be treated without taking heavy drugs with high side effects.


We clean the whole face from all comedones that cause acne, black and white oil buttons. Thus, we eliminate the cause.

Then, we apply a peeling consisting of completely natural fruit acids to the entire face. And with Fractional Laser and Gold Needle Radiofrequency Laser treatments, we treat all acne and acne scars and acne spots on the face without using any medication.

“Don’t trust your wealth, one spark is enough. I wish you all a healthy and happy week by reminding the proverb “Don’t trust your beauty, a pimple is enough” and we can do effective procedures where you can reveal your beauty without acne and have a smooth skin.

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