Brain development in children begins in the womb and continues until puberty. The brain development

The fastest time is in the first 2-3 years. Nutrition to support rapid growth

has a very important place.

For the first 6 months, only breast milk is very important. All nutritional elements for the baby’s brain development

present in milk. By continuing with the right supplementary foods from 6 months, when it reaches the age of 1

From now on, both physical and cognitive development should be supported by adequate and balanced nutrition.

Children who consume less than four meals a day have insufficient energy, calcium, protein, vitamin C and iron.

were found to have received. For this reason, what children eat in the morning, lunch and evening main meals

should be followed.

As for snacks, foods such as milk, ayran, fruit, cheese and bread should be given instead of junk food.

Consumption of foods such as sweets in snacks can cause dental caries in children at an early age.

may result.

Regardless of age, children need the same nutrients as adults. in adults

They provide energy from food and their energy requirements are proportional to their body weight.

The child can be offered options from each food group. For example, if he does not drink milk, he can consume yogurt,

If he does not eat bread, he can consume rice and pasta.

The amounts in the daily recommended food groups for children are as follows;

Milk group: 2 portions (1 glass of milk: 1 portion, 4 tablespoons of yogurt: 1 portion)

Meat group: 2 portions (meat equal to 1 meatball: 1 portion, 1 slice of cheese: 1 portion)

Vegetable and fruit group: 5 portions (1oo g fruit: 1 portion, 4 tablespoons of vegetable food: 1


Bread and cereal group: 3-6 portions (1 slice of bread (25 g): 1 portion, 3 tablespoons of rice-
pasta: 1 serving)

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