The Effect of Nutrition and Snacking on Oral Health in Children

Q: What should be the right diet for my child?
A: Healthy, balanced diet; It is a diet that contains all the nutrients necessary for your child’s development. Fruit and vegetables, bread and cereal products, milk and dairy products, meat, fish and eggs.

Q: How can I make my child’s diet safe for their teeth?

A: First, make sure you have a balanced diet. Then check how often they consume sugar or starchy foods. In starchy products; There are bread, crackers, pasta and potato chips, etc. Many foods contain one or more types of sugar, and any type of sugar can cause tooth decay. Fruits, some vegetables and many dairy products; contains at least one type of sugar.

Sugar is found in many fabricated products, even those that don’t taste sweet. Ask your pedodontist to help determine your child’s diet. Shop wisely! Do not constantly fill your closet with sugary and starchy products. Only buy fun food on special occasions. Limit snack times, choose nutritious snacks. Provide a balanced diet and save sugary foods for meal times. If your child chews gum or drinks soda, choose sugar-free ones.

Q: Should my child give up all foods containing sugar and starch?

A: No way! You just have to choose and present them wisely. A sugary and starchy food is safer for teeth if it is eaten as a meal with meat rather than as a snack. Sticky foods such as dried fruit or toffie are not easily removed from the mouth with the aid of saliva, water, or milk. Therefore, they have the potential to cause more caries than foods that are cleaned faster.

Q: Does a balanced diet indicate that my child is getting enough fluoride?

A: No. A balanced diet cannot guarantee that your child is getting the right amount of fluoride for the durability and development of their teeth. If you do not live in a fluoridated environment or if the amount of naturally occurring fluoride in your drinking water is not ideal, your child will need a source of fluoride during their dental development years.

Q: My youngest child is not yet fed solid foods. Do you have any suggestions for them?

A: Do not put them to sleep with bottles containing milk, medicine, fruit juice or sugar-added liquids in their mouths. Any type of liquid that is not swallowed in the mouth during their sleep supports the bacteria and destroys the teeth by producing acid. Protect your child from serious dental cavities by putting them to bed with nothing but a pacifier or a bottle of water.

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