The Effect of Apologizing on Your Psychology

When, why and how should we apologize? When do you expect an apology from the person in front of you? What is an apology? What effect can such a simple word have on human psychology? Many questions can be written with these and their derivatives, or there may be some who do not apologize at all and see it as a sign of weakness.

Most people have a tendency to think that they are perfect and faultless. But even as you read it, you must have realized what an unrealistic thought this is. No one is faultless, and no one else can expect you to be perfect. It is in the nature of being human to fall and get up, make mistakes and learn. However, do you cover up these mistakes and leave them behind, or do you realize that you need to do something to fix them?

You expect people who are bothering you, who have wronged you or upset you, to apologize to you as a result of their actions. You may even have lectured on how great it is to apologize to your child, partner, or close friend. But how much do you fulfill this virtue that you have told others?

These words, which have many positive effects for both the apologetic and the apologetic party, affect you both physiologically and psychologically. According to a study, it has been concluded that a sincere apology normalizes blood pressure and regulates heartbeat.

The person who apologizes not only gets the opportunity to correct his relationship with the person he is wrong with, but also gets rid of the psychology of guilt. Apologizing to the wrongdoer gives the message that ‘I know what I did and I feel sorry for it’. What is effective here is to show that you value the person you are apologizing to. Not apologizing, on the other hand, with the message that you don’t care, can cause seeds of hate to be planted in your relationship and cause you to deal with many other problems.

For an apology to be effective, it must be begged behind the behavior and with sincere feelings. As long as he doesn’t prolong this issue or thinks like I’ll apologize because he expects an apology, you will offend the person in front of you more and you will have made an ineffective apology.

Do not hesitate to apologize when necessary to move your gaze to a positive point, to protect your relationships and loved ones, to think a little selfishly, or to feel happy and good first. Empathize, would I expect an apology if the other person did to me what I did?

If your answer is yes, you know what you need to do.

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