The danger of the age is the internet!

“There is no free time; There is wasted time.”


“Killing time is the most expensive expense.”


In the past, when it comes to socialization, the first things that come to mind were mothers, fathers, friend groups and teachers. Today, it has been replaced by television, the Internet, radio, magazines and newspapers.

Television, internet and newspapers are the most important mass communication tools that create this effect. Children are among those most affected by these communication tools. Undoubtedly, such means of communication affect adult people as well.

The main function of the mass media is to inform the society, to bring solutions to social problems and to help the formation of certain values ​​in the society. However, when we look at the activities of mass media today, it is seen that they are far from them. Studies have shown that a child witnesses approximately 12 thousand acts of violence until he reaches puberty.

Considering children whose mental, emotional, social and spiritual development has not yet been completed, their negative impact stands before us as an indisputable fact. Children can show various reactions in the face of violence. While the fear factor comes to the fore in some children, introversion may occur in others. Similarly, some children may have increased aggression and tendency to violence, while others may have night terrors. Regardless of the outcome, there is a negativity for the child.

Children already have a lack of impulse control as an inborn trait. In addition, exposure to violent content usually shows an increase in violence in children.

There are many dangers for a child who spends long hours in front of the TV. The first of these is the unhealthy and inadequate physical development due to inactivity. Inactivity also causes the development of an irritable mood in children. When violence content on television is added to this, the picture that can be encountered is not heartwarming at all.

In addition, watching television for a long time invites various eye diseases in children. Exposing children to television for long periods of time is equivalent to entrusting the child’s mental world and cultural and social development to television. In addition, it should not be forgotten that there are sexual content as well as violent content in television programs. Exposure to sexual content at a young age can cause serious problems in children. Recent studies reveal that the age of onset of puberty falls from 12-13 years old to 9-10 years old. This is a serious consequence that should be considered. In this regard, the media organs have great responsibilities. However, unfortunately, media organs have started to make special programs for such broadcasts just for the sake of rating, on the contrary, to prevent such broadcasts.

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They contribute to this situation by bringing news topics such as substance abuse, theft, snatching, rape, and child abduction shown in news programs that do not concern the entire society, to their news headlines and presenting them with special emphasis.

In this case, we, families, have an important role to play. Parents should follow the television programs in advance and determine the programs that their children can watch. In addition, it is necessary to make applications in terms of reducing the hours of television watching for children. Of course, while doing this, it is also important to fill this time gap, which is limited by television, as necessary.

It is necessary to take care of the child, to do an activity together, and even to design activities that require a lot of effort – for example, to design a house from matchsticks and to complete a part of the house every day – to attract the attention of the child to these.

Despite all the precautions that can be taken, children can still be exposed to violent programs. In such cases, talking with children, trying to understand the emotion they feel, allowing them to express their emotions, and not commenting on or criticizing the child’s emotions while doing this can reduce the impact of such content on the child.

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We talked so much about television. I would like to share a little bit about the internet with you. Unfortunately, the Internet, like television and other mass media, is full of negative examples. In addition to this, unlike television, the internet is a communication tool in which the child is in control. The fact that the child is in control unfortunately makes the internet more dangerous than television and others. Most of the families are insufficient in using the internet.

Many families buy a computer and have an internet connection at home, thinking that it will help their children with their homework. However, instead of using this device for lessons, children prefer to use it for many unhealthy games. It goes without saying that these games full of blood and violence are extremely harmful for children. Moreover, children spend hours in front of the computer with the addictive effect of these games.

When we look at the content of these games, almost all of them say that they should be strong, that winning should be above everything else, that they fuel greed; we can say that he ignores feelings such as sharing, helping, pitying, showing mercy.

Children and young people show a kind of escape from the real world by winning in virtual environments. They experience artificial happiness by achieving success in the virtual environment that they cannot achieve in the real world. This happiness can turn into addiction in the future and become a serious source of pleasure.

Children are also exposed to the radiation emitted by these instruments. Unfortunately, this radiation is the main enemy of brain cells.

Apart from all these, even if children have good intentions, it is inevitable that they will come across with bad content. The child types something into the search engine on behalf of his assignment. When he clicks on the site in front of him, he is often faced with an advertising site. Unfortunately, almost all of these advertising sites are sites with sexual content. These sites serve legally over the age of 18. However, there is no mechanism to control this. If a special program is not installed on the computer, the child can easily fall into this trap. The child falls into these traps because this outcome, which is mostly inevitable even for adults, is more attractive to the child.

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When we look at habits, we often encounter a lack of internal discipline and weakness of will. Just like this, internet addiction also consists of these reasons. From the moment you connect to the Internet, you are faced with hundreds of thousands of options. It’s up to you to do what you want. You are completely free no matter what you do. Because nobody knows what you’re doing. Although this may seem nice at first, our thoughts change over time, and we can disconnect from real life a little more every day.

As we encounter a novelty every day in the virtual environment, learn new things and these are pleasant things; We should also know that they also change our brain chemistry. If the job is enjoyable and exciting, our brain releases a chemical called “dopamine”. The rise of this epidemic means what shapes our mindset. When that happens, we go to bed with what we did and wake up with what we did. While this is the case for us adults, I think you understand what’s going on for our children.

If you feel that your child is starting to move away from you, if you witness that his communication with you is decreasing day by day, know that the alarm bells are ringing.

Unfortunately, mass media such as television and the internet, which are a blessing, cannot be used properly. It is up to us to make the beautiful beautiful. Let’s not forget that almost everything we do in life is our choice.

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