The car breaks down, the person gets sick…

Hello, as a specialist physician working in the field of child and youth psychiatry, I will now share my knowledge and experience with you every week at Denge. While I was thinking where to start, I wanted to start with the basics, from the perspective of our society on psychiatry and psychiatric diseases.

Our children, like all of us, have the right to have their mental health deteriorated.

In fact, being sick is a natural consequence of being alive. What does that mean? No car can be sick, it can only break down. A living thing only has the ability to become sick. We all know this fact and we often go to doctors when our stomach and kidneys are sick, but when it comes to what is going on in our brains and our spiritual structure, we forget this fact, unfortunately, different social prejudices prevent this fact.

Prejudices waste time…

Whether it is a child or an adult, we think, ‘Did we have a psychiatrist in our time, my dear, my child has nothing, it will pass with time’. Unfortunately, the opposite is usually the case, the problems increase as we wait. We only start looking for a solution when psychiatric disorders affect family life, classes and friendships significantly. We are late most of the time. Many mental problems, whose seeds were planted in early childhood, can only be cured in adolescence. When it is delayed, both the effectiveness of the treatment decreases and the duration of the treatment is very long.

If it’s too late, their core beliefs and attitudes are affected.

There are also unlucky individuals who have never had a chance to be treated. These individuals also apply the negative behaviors (the most classic example of violence) inherited from their childhood to their children and loved ones. In this way, psychiatric problems are passed on from generation to generation. Let us be ourselves, let us know that mental illnesses are a consequence of being human, and apply early. Stay well…

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