The Best of Meat on Eid-al-Adha and Nutrition

Eid-al-Adha is a time when red meat, one of our food groups, is consumed more than other days. If it is a traditional holiday celebration; Most likely, we can also encounter foods containing high energy and fat such as water pastry, leaf wrap and baklava.
As we always say and try to explain, we should try to behave in a balanced way during this period. The concept of diet is a Latin expression and means “balance”. Adequate nutrition is as important as a balanced diet. For example, the Eid-al-Adha diet of a person with anemia and a person with normal blood levels may differ in terms of portions. The portion that a heart patient will consume is different from the portion of meat that an athletic athlete will eat. Therefore, the term personal nutrition constitutes the infrastructure of the concept of nutrition by itself. I would like to reiterate the general truths and wrongs without giving further details. The animal to be sacrificed must be veterinary control. It should be cut and shared in a hygienic, clean environment. After the meat and bones are shredded, if it is not possible in the refrigerator, they should be kept in the shade or in a cool, cold environment, and the meat should not be cooked immediately. In the tissue of meat, there are still microorganisms that can live in an oxygen-free environment and can harm the human body. Apart from the risk of infection, “Rigor Mortis”, that is, death stiffness, should be kept for at least 8 hours, as the meat is hard and not suitable for cooking, and should not be cooked immediately. It is among the most common mistakes made in practice. For example, if you make a mistake, you have problems with hard, undercooked meat, digestive devices, stomach, liver, gallbladder. So much so that these organisms (toxoplasma) can also cause miscarriage in the first trimester in pregnant women. Stomach pain, chest pain, back pain, constipation, fissures can often be experienced.
The fact that we cook and over-consume immediately due to our haste overshadows the beauty of the holiday, which started happily. We must question our habits. It came like this, it doesn’t go like this
According to the cause-effect relationship, we should question our habits in all areas of life in the form of gains and losses.
Being healthy means being free from disease-causing factors. “What is the healthiest form of meat? “If you ask me, I will say:
1. After cutting the meat – leave it in the refrigerator for 24 hours – consume it like that
2. Prefer boiling as a cooking method, because you prevent the transmission of parasites that may be in the meat.
3. When consuming meat – in order not to experience digestion and absorption problems – green vegetables, tomatoes, parsley, lemon, pepper, etc. consume with food
4. Before cooking – try to marinate – i.e. marinate green vegetables such as vinegar, lemon, spices, milk or yogurt, olive oil, parsley
5. After the meat is cut – do not leave in the open – keep in the refrigerator
6. Defrost the frozen meat in the freezer during thawing, and do not put the thawed meat in the freezer again, cook it if you are not going to consume it at that time, add salt and put it in the freezer.
7. Do not cut vegetables, fruits or anything else with the chopping board and knife. Contamination, you are causing cross contamination
8. – Few decisions, most losses –
The mistakes and truths made during the Eid-al-Adha, which I have seen until this age, are presented to the very dear, science-loving, deceased Prof.Dr. I dedicate it to my teacher Ayşe Baysal. May he rest in heaven, may he sleep in the light.
I congratulate all the Islamic world on Eid-al-Adha.
Stay healthy, with balance

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