The Art of Unhappiness, Why Do We Be Unhappy?

When we look at the development process of human beings, we see that we work much more than before, and we do more.
It’s not hard to see what we have, yet we are more insecure and more unhappy.
probably not.

Courses are being opened all around us for everything, books are being written, ten ways to be happy, peace of mind.
secrets of catching, principles of influencing people, i don’t know how to make a million dollars
method… Lots of people saying that everything is something to learn and that we can achieve it.

The law of attraction; Hundreds of weird books with the slogan ask the universe and have it. How happy everyone is to you,
He’s trying to teach you to be rich or popular.

Buddha said, “The source of suffering is desire”. As long as we want and cannot have, we are dragged into unhappiness. Some
In our pursuit of material possessions or knowledge, we miss out on the wisdom of life.
we became

The criterion of happiness is high salaries, brand clothes, the number of friends on social networking sites.
it happened.

Everyone is working day and night to have more. A beachfront cottage, higher model
A car and human beings are constantly striving to be liked more. When you’re rich or popular
We think we will be happy.

If you have 10 houses you can live in one, if you have 5 cottages you can go to one, if you have 20 cars
You can ride one.

As the famous thinker Montaigne said, “Even if you sit on the biggest throne in the world, what you are sitting on is the best.
ultimately your own ass.

All our life dreams are stuck between a house, a car, a high salary goals. To these
we are so tired to reach the house that when we come home, we want to slump on the sofa and watch the same series.
There is nothing left for us to do but browse through a few almost unchanged websites.

Instead of looking for happiness in the outer world and in people, we do not try to look at our own inner world.

We are getting lonely. On the other side of the world we’ve never met, and probably never will.
While trying to be happy by chatting with people we won’t get together with, with our colleague right next to us.
or we don’t have a friendly conversation with our neighbor.

It’s not spirits that we’re getting close to, it’s just me.

Intimacy that ends with lovemaking in a short time, where you don’t need to meet again. when we come together
identical conversations, starting with our lover who left us and ending with our annoying boss.

Everyone hides their wounds, presenting a me that we are not and then asking that false self to be loved.
we are waiting. The words of a famous singer that we can’t remember right now are floating in my mind, “It’s the hardest for me.
What happens is that when I wake up in the morning, I don’t feel lonely, besides, someone is sleeping next to me!

I think that life is not as difficult or complicated as it seems.

The famous psychologist A. Maslow says in his “hierarchy of needs” that a healthy person has 4 basic needs.

Eating and drinking and sexuality in primary level, shelter and security in secondary level,
love-beloved, belonging at the fourth level and being approved-appreciated by the society at the fourth level
need. He argues that the person who meets these four needs will continue to live as a healthy person.

Even though it seems like everyone is trying to have them when you look at it, problems arise when you miss the measure.
is showing. Obsession with overeating leads to obesity, obsession with owning a house delays life and becomes a workaholic.
diversion of the need to be loved leads to relationship addiction or changing lovers like changing socks, social
The exaggeration of the desire for likes leads us to be someone we are not.

In summary, for a happy life; A house, a full stomach, enough to meet our basic needs
I believe that the amount of money and time devoted to friends and hobbies is sufficient.

What we call life is all about 75 years. (If you’re lucky of course!)

I divide 75 years into 3; In the first 25 years, what do you mean when you say it was childhood, adolescence, school?
you can’t understand. You have been a doctor in the last 25 years; where is the heart, where is the kidneys, what is good for blood pressure
income, you learn a lot about health. A healthy, conscious, time between the ages of 25 and 50
my tongue remains. Not to waste it on our ambitions, disappointments of the past, and worries of the future.
necessary. As I said, life has 3 parts and you need to think carefully about how to live the most useful part…
If you can get 1 out of 3 in life, what do you get?

Your wasted life; midlife crises, blaming others, and regrets
If we don’t want to, maybe it’s time to sit down and reconsider our lives.

Even if life can be lived forwards, it can only be understood backwards. What we’ve been through so far
What do we want to live next? And most importantly, what will you write on your tombstone after you die?
will be written!!! Think about it, I say.

Wishing you a life where you get 1 out of 3 lives.

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