The Application of the Modern Age Botox

Filling Application as a Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

One of the important developments of our age is not only living longer, but also aging in a healthy and beautiful way. In order to experience the aging process in a healthy way, in addition to sports and diet, help can be obtained from plastic surgeons. Surgeons can perform their operations in two different ways, with and without surgery.

Today, among the topics that patients discuss with their surgeons; It is seen that the patient clearly expresses his expectations and the surgeon performs applications by combining different techniques. If Botox is approached in terms of facial rejuvenation; Botox, filling process, stretching surgeries, thermage and fractional laser should be mentioned together.

Aging is, of course, an inevitable reality and every individual will experience this process as long as they live. In this process, the aging of the skin, a kind of wear and tear, takes place in varying degrees from person to person. In this regard, the genetics and lifestyle of the person are the main factors. With the effect of these factors, some people’s skin wrinkles later, while others are exposed to sagging as a result of loosening earlier.

Facial deformation generally occurs primarily around the eyes. The first signs of this are the sagging of the eyelids and under-eye bags. In the ongoing process, the cheek lines become clear, the sharp line under the chin disappears, and thus ongoing changes towards the neck are experienced. In terms of external appearance, while these are experienced, collagen and elastin structures in the tissues undergo changes. While the adipose tissue under the skin disappears in some areas, it becomes denser in some parts. In some cases, there may even be thinning of the bone tissue from place to place.

In order to overcome the above-mentioned issues with less damage, in addition to the procedures of the surgeons, the person should follow a nutrition program and change their life habits if necessary.

Botox Application

A special substance called “Botilinum” is used in Botox application. This substance is produced as a medicine under laboratory conditions as a toxin. For this reason, it is used safely within the determined dimensions.

The muscles in the area where Botox was applied work less. Except for the application area, there is no impressive aspect of the work of the muscles.

Effects of Botox Application

The raising of the eyebrow after botox application on the face is directly related to the person’s muscle structure. The reason for this is the muscles on the eyebrows. Because if the forehead muscles are strong, the eyebrows will be lifted. If an application is made to the forehead muscles of the person during the application, the raising of the eyebrows will be reduced. In other words, it is prevented from lifting the eyebrow at an unnatural level by applying it to the forehead muscles.

With Botox treatment, overworked muscles on the face and causing wrinkles are prevented. It helps the person to look more optimistic by preventing people who seem quite angry when their brows are frowning. When botox is applied around the face, wrinkles around the eyes are eliminated or their depth is reduced. Thus, a transition from a tired and old-looking facial expression to a younger facial expression is achieved.

In individuals, the face is pulled down as a result of both aging and exposure to gravity for years. Over time, the muscles that pull the face downwards become stronger, while the muscles that pull the face upwards become weaker. Here, while the muscles that pull the face down are weakened with botox application, the muscles that pull upwards are thus supported and sagging in the face and eyebrow area is prevented in this way.

The doctor’s well-trained and experience in the success of the Botox procedure will ensure that he gets the most successful result in preventing wrinkles without disturbing his natural facial expression.

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