The amount of water we drink in summer should be increased

The amount of water we drink in summer should be increased. Specialist Merve Sayın stated that the amount of water we drink in summer should be increased in order to bring the water level of our body to a sufficient level. In addition, Merve Sayın drew attention to the need to drink water as pure water, since some of the liquid beverages such as tea, coffee, fruit juices, herbal and fruit teas will increase the removal of fluid from the body.

Nutrition and Dietetics Specialist Merve Sayın explained the benefits of water and its positive/negative effects on the human body in case of low or high consumption of water.

It is the most important element after oxygen for human life and is an indispensable part of our nutrition. Losing 100% of carbohydrates and fat and 50% of proteins in the human body endanger his life, while losing only 10% of body water causes life-threatening danger. Water makes up about 50-70% of a person’s body weight. Although this rate varies depending on age, gender, weight, height and the degree of physical activity of the person, it is generally 60% in men, 50% in women, and 65-75% in children. As age progresses, the fat ratio in the body increases and the water ratio decreases.

It is taken into the body with water, food and drinks. The water taken into the body passes into the blood after being absorbed in the digestive system. A significant part of it comes to the kidneys through the blood circulation and is excreted out of the body as urine. Some of it is used and excreted through the skin, respiratory and digestive systems.
The daily water requirement of an adult person varies between 1-1,5 ml of water for every 1 calorie taken into his body. Age, gender, physical activity and seasonal differences also affect this situation. Since some of the liquid beverages such as tea, coffee, fruit juices, herbal and fruit teas will increase fluid excretion from the body, it is necessary to drink water only as water. The intake and excretion of water occur in a balance. In order to maintain normal fluid volume in the body, daily fluid intake must be equal to daily fluid loss. When this balance is disturbed, some discomforts occur.
in hot weather; The body works as a temperature regulator. The point we will pay attention to is the necessity of increasing the amount of water we drink in summer. As our body heats up, we sweat and lose water. For this, we need to bring the water level to a sufficient level. The body actively uses water, it cannot store it. That’s why we can’t stand the thirst. The maximum time that our body can withstand without drinking any water is 7 days under the most favorable conditions.

In athletes; if the body, which has lost water, cannot replace enough fluid; In response to this, it slows down our metabolism. It tries to prevent the beating of the water. Especially after sports, to replace the water lost with sweat; It is necessary to drink 1-1.5 glasses of water 15 minutes before exercise and race, and 1/2 glass of water every 10-15 minutes during exercise and race.
No liquid beverage can fully replace water.

Benefits of Water for Human Health
• It is effective in the digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients to the cells,
• It is responsible for the regular functioning of cells, tissues, organs and systems,
• Protects the brain, spinal cord and other organs from external factors,
Moisturizes body tissues such as mouth, eyes and nose,
• Keeps the body temperature in balance,
Most of the trace elements that the body needs are met by water,
• The skin becomes beautiful,
•Immune system is strengthened,
•Helps respiration by humidifying the air in the lungs,
• Accelerates metabolism,
It helps in the digestion and conversion of food into energy and prevents constipation by softening the stool,
• It helps to remove waste and toxic substances from the body,
•Balances the volume and pressure of the blood, ensures its fluidity,
• It carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells and dissolves the solids necessary for the cells to function,
• It provides the balance of the muscles,
• Plays a role in the discharge of edema,
• Provides the lubrication of the joints,
It is known to help prevent cellulite formation because it plays a role in regulating the moisture and elasticity of the skin.
When water is consumed less;
The fat rate in our body rises, when the kidneys cannot get enough water, the liver’s task becomes heavy and it tries to replace the kidney. The liver, which should turn the fat store into energy, disrupts its work and the melting of fats slows down. In addition, insufficient water consumption can cause the metabolism to work slowly.
When water is consumed too much;
Consumption of more water than necessary can cause poisoning. Excess water in the body; It can cause a decrease in the amount of sodium in the blood (hyponatremia), swelling of cells with excessive water intake, serious physical problems, brain edema and, in severe cases, brain death. People who consume excessive water are called ‘Potomania’. Potomania in general; It is common among athletes and people who have no appetite, who consume too much alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and drugs. Excessive water consumption can cause kidneys to work more than normal in these people and cause mineral losses in the body.

• Drink 10-12 glasses of water by distributing it throughout the day,
•Do not wait for thirst to drink water. Remember; our body needs much more water than we feel,
•Drink 1-2 glasses of water 15 minutes before each meal; Accelerate the formation of this feeling in our brain, which receives a satiety message in 20 minutes,
• Drink water every morning when you come to your workplace, make this behavior a habit,
• Always keep a clean and preferably glass bottle of water on your desk.,
• Be sure to drink a glass of water every night before going to bed,
• Drinking 1 glass of water should be the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning,
• Always keep water in a visible place, care should be taken to consume water without waiting for the feeling of thirst,
• In lactating women; The most important liquid that increases milk production is water. In particular, water should be preferred instead of ready-made fruit juices with high calorie rates and acidic beverages that cause gas,
• In pregnancy; water becomes even more important. The amniotic fluid in the baby renews itself every three hours. As the amount of amnion will decrease with insufficient fluid intake, the need for water increases.

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