The Age of Digital Dentistry

Today, with the development of dentistry technology, traditional methods are gradually being replaced by digital dentistry. Computer-aided design and production in dentistry (CAD/CAM)The use of these systems provides great convenience to both physicians and patients. CAD/CAM systems have many advantages over conventional methods used routinely. These devices make it possible to make dental veneers in as little as 1-2 hours, using highly aesthetic materials.

Another advantage of these systems is the use of digital impressions taken from the patient’s mouth with the help of special intraoral scanners instead of impression materials that can cause nausea in patients during the impression taking phase. After the digital measurements obtained are transferred to the computer in three dimensions, the design of the restoration to be made is completed on the computer and the design is transferred to the scraping device. The restoration obtained from special blocks within minutes in the scraping device is made ready to be glued in the mouth after the process is completed.

CAD/CAM systems provide a great advantage, especially in patients with nausea reflex. Thanks to these systems, patients with nausea reflex can now go to the dentist with peace of mind and have their prosthesis done in a single session. In people with dentist phobia, shortening the time spent in the chair and getting the veneers ready in a single session provide great benefits to patients in overcoming their fears. In addition, the compatibility of the restorations made with computer aided systems to the tooth is much higher. This extends the life of the restoration in the long term.

With the help of computer aided systems, not only veneers but also laminates known as leaf porcelains are produced. In addition, thanks to the restorations we call inlay-onlay designed using these systems, ideal contact points on the teeth are created on the computer in patients who complain of food entrapment between the teeth due to the old fillings, and the complaints of food jamming are ended.

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