The age at which to start mammographic screening has been changed. What will happen now?

The Ministry of Health was applying the breast cancer screening program to women aged 50 and over EVERY TWO YEARS, but a few months ago the screening age was changed to 40. Does this change mean saving more women’s lives?

Ministry of Health is a community screening and uses protocols in use in many other countries. In some of these countries, screening is performed from the age of 50, and in some from the age of 40. The frequency of screening is one year in some countries, two years in some, and three years in some. Even the number of mammography positions (poses) applied in screening varies from country to country; some scan with one-position, some with two-position mammograms. The main reason for the differences in practice is the financial burden of the scans. Every country has to make a program that is compatible with the share it can allocate to the screening item in the health budget. Community surveys, in a certain age group all women These are high-burden studies due to the obligation to include them in the program. This burden is even more severe in countries like ours with a rapidly growing population (young population) and high rate of internal migration. It is natural and necessary for screening to be limited to the budget that can be allocated to this and to be planned according to “minimum” requirements. For these reasons, I found the previous protocol of the Ministry of Health (screening 50 years and older every two years) justified and consistent. My objection was that scanning apps should be presented as adequate and reliable — AS-IS. My objections continue today because a severe UNQUALIFICATION still reigns in radiological practices, the only way to screen for breast cancer! The most important reason for this is that radiologists do not work effectively enough in Turkey. Everyone but themselves talks about the work they do, and the people are desperately trying to find their way among these false misdirections.

Now, thanks to the new screening protocol, more invasive cancers will be diagnosed and more women will be protected from death due to breast cancer. On the other hand, MORE THAN their number will be injured by unnecessary breast surgeries, and they will lose their quality of life both mentally and physically!

it should be known Radiologists are primarily responsible for missed cancers and unnecessary biopsies due to the poor quality of screening and diagnostic studies!

Let women know these facts and decide for themselves how to get their scans done.

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