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Covid-19 aka coronavirus, I think, is the most used word all over the world these days. Everyone knows what corona is, along with a lot of misinformation. Various scenarios and conspiracy theories are being produced. There is a serious group of people who still make fun of the virus on social media and, unfortunately, on the streets, saying, “If it comes, there will be something to see”. Two reasons come to my mind here, the first is the inability to realize due to ignorance, and the second is a defense mechanism. The effort to escape from reality, to reject it, to avoid pain, to protect the self…

In fact, we are in a massive change, and I want to focus on what the change will bring us in this process along with what it will bring us psychologically. “Stay at home” is an ultimatum to be followed, but people do not want to stay at home, they are afraid to stay at home and face different realities, they do not want to accept the fact that a real threat has come to their door. He is running away from the fact of losing the comfort, abundance and comfort that he is used to, the fact that his health, which he does not appreciate, will lose his health, that he will lose his freedom. Anxieties may begin to appear in those who accept this and withdraw home. First of all, concerns about the life of himself and his relatives, economic concerns that he will face in the future when he thinks that he has overcome the health problem, hygiene concerns that he should pay attention to in this process, domestic conflicts that will arise from sitting at home between family members who have lived in the same house before but have not spent time for days, I wonder. self-control questions such as do I get sick, do I have a sore throat, do I have a fever…. If the process is not managed correctly, the probability of being pregnant with psychological problems such as various obsessions, depression, feeling of worthlessness and loss of confidence will be quite high.

It is quite possible and expected to experience such anxieties in this process, in fact, the important thing is how we can cope with these concerns. – At this point, I won’t suggest you read a book or watch a movie, you will do them anyway – See this as an opportunity to fix “many things”. Let’s not forget the saying that there is good in every evil, and that every crisis is an opportunity. What good can we do from this evil and how can we create an opportunity out of this crisis? Is there something the universe wants to tell me – us -? If this is a warning, did I get the correct message required? Maybe everyone should face the introverted past and facts about their own life and first make peace with themselves. Maybe you neglected yourself more than anything for a long time, which is the message that it is not worth neglecting yourself, you neglected your loved ones, your family, you suppressed your emotions, you escaped from your own reality, it is time to stop running, to face it. It is a process in which fear will lose its meaning like many other emotions. Be open to communication, you are with your spouse, children and maybe your parents at home, focus on the positive values ​​that this situation adds and / or will add to you, complaining will bring you nothing but helplessness and unhappiness. Know that every moment is meaningful and productive to be lived. Whatever meaning you ascribe to an event, its meaning for you is nothing but what you attribute. For example, cow is sacred in Hinduism for several reasons, but in our society it is a sacrificial animal that we eat by cooking its meat with various recipes. The animal is the same, but the value attributed to it is very different, it is the meaning that people attribute to it that makes it sacred or edible meat. Therefore, the more bad and negative meanings we attribute to this situation, the more negatively we can be affected psychologically. All these positive or negative thoughts change our energy, and this energy also passes to the people we communicate with, who will be our spouse, child, brother, mother and father in this process. Keeping the energy of our loved ones and ourselves high will be shaped by the meaning you attach to this process. Your energy will increase the energy of those around you.

Since all possible problems in this process will be anxiety-based, I think that we can more easily overcome the effects of the Virus, which causes anxiety, with a change in our perspective on it.

As the level of anxiety increases, panic and chaos tend to occur. First of all, it will be appropriate to live life as normal and in the most beneficial way as possible after realizing the situation with all its reality and taking the necessary precautions. Maybe this is a good opportunity for fathers who have never spent time at home with their children and their spouses, mothers who could not spare proper and quality time for their children from cleaning to walks, and children who have been neglected and become roboticized in front of the TV pc and asocialized children to fix things. How to communicate with children and how to behave in this process?

First of all, we should isolate ourselves from the state of anxiety and panic and focus on the positives of the situation so that we do not have a negative emotion to be reflected on the child. Get the right information from the right sources, do not be exposed to information pollution, for example, stop believing everything you read and hear. You should be able to communicate correctly with your child, talk to him like an adult by valuing his words and thoughts, accepting him as an individual and listening. They will have questions, answer them as simply as possible, descriptive and normalizing away from uneasiness. Just like us, our children want to feel safe, make them feel safe. Try to do this with your actions rather than your words, be the right model. Don’t worry, you have prevented your child from worrying too. Explain the cleaning and the issues that need attention as clearly as possible with their reasons, and of course, be an example first, both for your own health and for your child.

You can play games that you can play as a family, and you can strengthen the relationship and bond between you by spending quality time. In crowded families, you can do the activities that three generations can do together by asking your father and mother and adding them. Remember, this is a great opportunity to reconstruct the bonds that you may not have gained or lost for years, take advantage of this opportunity.

It is important to protect yourself psychologically, of course, but there are things that can be done to keep your immunity strong physically. Perhaps one of the most important of these is to quit smoking. Even if you are exposed to a small amount of virus by smoking, your chance of being infected increases considerably. The amount of virus that a non-smoker would not be exposed to and infected with can easily infect a smoker. In addition, since smoking will weaken your immune system, the risk will not only be in getting infected, but also in your body’s ability to fight it. That’s why, in addition to the importance you give to cleanliness, hygiene, nutrition and sleep patterns, I recommend you to quit smoking as soon as possible for yourself and your loved ones.

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