Telling Children of the Death of Elders by Parents

Children’s death and their understanding of abstract concepts depend on variables such as age, gender, mental and emotional development, and environmental factors.

Considering that one day the child may face the reality of death, every family should give information and education to children about death.

The nature of existence, life, human existence in life, the end of existence should be explained in accordance with the age and development of the child, and families should be informed according to their belief system.

The understanding of death in children develops gradually and a different perception occurs at every age. It can further intensify the perspective of the event in the reactions of the parents to the death. Therefore, when the pain is most intense, parents should pay attention to their grief reactions to the death of their elders, and should pay attention to creating a calm environment for the children while sharing their own feelings, behaviors and sorrows.

He should avoid negative words and sentences. He should get support from an expert.

If the deceased’s relatives react exaggeratedly such as screaming, fainting, and the family cannot calm the relatives and the child witnesses these events, they should not use sentences such as “he has become an angel now, he is watching us, he is sleeping, the disease killed him, God took him with him, we left him in the ground”. It should not be forgotten that in this case, the trauma experienced by the child may lead to sleep disorders, crying spells, fear, anxiety, feeling unsafe, afraid of things that do not exist, talking, etc. in the future.

Whether it is an adult or a child, professional help should be sought for such a painful and distressing situation, feelings and thoughts should be listened to, and studies should be carried out on mourning.

Death is not something to be avoided, on the contrary, it is a fact of life. Children should be given the opportunity to experience the feeling of grief they experience, suppressing or ignoring their feelings causes this pain to only cover it up and make them sleep within.

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