Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth whitening is a process whose use is increasing rapidly today.

It is a common application for people who get darker, that is, actually get the yellow color. Aesthetic

Our patients who have concerns about this procedure prefer this procedure. 3 basics in making and implementing

There are options. These ;

home teeth whitening

Office teeth whitening

At-home teeth whitening: It is done under the control of a dentist. Regularly at home

It is in the form of applying chemical products given to your teeth by the dentist to your teeth. This

Treatments are done by the patient at home. But it may take a little longer depending on the office type. Doctor

It is applied under the control of your doctor at regular intervals and in consultation with your doctor. Application must result

gives. After a certain period of time, teeth opening and whitening are observed.

Office type teeth whitening: This method, as the name suggests, is done by the doctor.

made to the conditions of the clinic. The dentist applies his own gel and does the application himself. This

The process takes 45 minutes on average. Immediately visible after the procedure

whitening is noticeable. In general, this process is completed by going to the dentist once in a session.

Why Teeth Whitening?

This application is applied to teeth that have become yellow in color and are aesthetically unsightly.

The application is done with the aim of completely eliminating aesthetic concerns. If you don’t do this, you have a toothache.

no problem. But a badly seen tooth can give you a lack of self-confidence.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Process Whiten Teeth?

The average age of the teeth to develop and acquire their permanent color is 18 years. What is teeth whiteness at this age?

and it will be for life. With the teeth whitening process, this whiteness can be returned at the most. well

The whiteness that is not inherent in the tooth cannot be achieved with this process. Some of our patients have teeth like snow.

want it to be white. We provide them with a whiteness up to the original color of the teeth.

We’ll tell you what we’re going to do. This is of course sufficient whiteness. For those who want more whiteness than that

Orthodontic treatments may be recommended.

How Long Will the Teeth Whitening Process Be?

After the teeth whitening process, there is a whiteness in the teeth. In fact, the tooth returns to its original color.

But if you have high consumption of cigarettes and tea, their use after this whitening

teeth will change color again. Teeth whitening changes the color of the tooth like a shield.

It does not protect you from substances. That’s why you need to pay attention to them after the procedure. Attention

If you do, you will not have problems with the color of your teeth for many years. Also, the toothbrushing

You must continue without interruption.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Tea, cigarette and coffee are the primary factors that make the color of the teeth yellow. These are a lot during the day.

is consumed. If you don’t brush your teeth at the same time, your teeth have nothing to do.

necessarily turn yellow. Apart from that, your teeth may not be very white genetically. This too

are among the factors that cannot be changed. But the first reason is the things I mentioned above.

As a recommendation, you will pay attention to the cleaning of teeth. Be sure to drink them right away.

Then you need to brush your teeth.

Does Teeth Whitening Process Damage My Teeth?

Today, no harm has been observed in the known products used for teeth whitening. At least

No proven side effects or harms so far. Damage to gums and tooth enamel

No harm will occur to the patient when applied carefully without administration.

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