Teeth Whitening, Implant and Bad Breath

In order for teeth whitening to be successful, first of all, it is necessary to know why your teeth are discolored. The biggest reason for this is our habits. Examples include tea, coffee, nicotine and alcoholic beverages. Apart from these, some diseases, some mouthwashes, some antibiotics, some fillers and sometimes root canal treatments can cause discoloration in cases such as excessive fluoride intake.

While bleaching is successful in some of the reasons we have mentioned, it is not successful in others. In cases where it fails, different methods can be tried. In addition, if you have sensitivity in your teeth, cavities, mouth sores, pregnant women, individuals under the age of 18, and those who smoke excessively, teeth whitening is not applied.

Tooth whiteners sold in the markets can give results depending on the degree of discoloration; However, since the active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) is in very low concentrations, it will not be sufficient on its own.

Dental Implant

Healthy teeth are an important factor that not only affects your impressiveness, but also affects your daily life such as eating, talking and smiling.

With dental dental implants, the natural appearance is regained. Implants are applied to the area where you have tooth deficiency and act like a tooth root.

In Dental Implant applications, healthy teeth are absolutely inviolable and the prosthesis attached to the implant provides a strong chewing function like natural teeth.

As long as you follow the hygiene rules after your treatment process is over, your dental implant will serve you for many years.

Bad Breath Causes and Removal

The unpleasant odor in the mouth is scientifically called halitosis. Bad breath can be pathological or physiological. Physiological halitosis is the odor caused by the gases accumulating in the digestive tract, the bacteria that reproduce in the mouth, or the eating habits. Pathological halitosis is true halitosis.

Situations such as sinus and lung infections, diabetes, kidney failure, metabolism disorders, starvation, dry mouth can cause bad breath.

Tooth decay and gingivitis are among the most important causes of bad breath. Therefore, routine dental visits should be made and due attention should be paid to dental health and dental care.

Since bridges and dental prostheses that wear out over time in the mouth will cause food residues to accumulate, necessary renewal should be done.

Apart from this, chewing gum after meals, using cinnamon, eating apples, chewing parsley, consuming yogurt, consuming lemon, drinking plenty of water, chewing food well, brushing the tongue along with the teeth, using dental floss, mouthwash will be beneficial in eliminating bad breath.

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