Teeth Whitening/Bleaching Process

A beautiful smile requires healthy and white teeth. This shows that we protect our health and it is always with us as one of the biggest supporters of our self-confidence. So what should we do to have a beautiful smile?

Not everyone’s tooth color is the same. However, structural defects that occur during the formation of teeth, some antibiotics used at a young age and even in the womb, the things we eat and drink, and especially the fluoride ratio in the water we drink are very effective on the color of our teeth. In addition to these, the negativities brought by age and all the procedures performed on the teeth also significantly affect the tone of the whiteness of the teeth. All of these factors cause the enamel layer on our teeth to change color over time. At this point, the method called tooth whitening / teeth bleaching / tooth polishing and also known as bleaching comes into play.

Teeth whitening does not have any negative effects other than tooth sensitivity, which can be observed for a few days afterwards. The patient can continue his daily life as usual. With the effect of having cleaner and whiter teeth than before, the self-confidence of the patient, whose smile is liberated, increases, and this brings happiness.

The effects of teeth whitening treatment can be observed more clearly over time. The success of the process can be easily demonstrated by realizing the difference in tone between before and after.

The duration of the effect of the applied procedure is closely related to the patient’s eating-drinking and hygiene habits. It is observed that the effect of the procedure disappears much faster in patients with high consumption of cigarettes, tea and coffee. The effect of the procedure lasts between 1-2 years in patients whose consumption is balanced and who perform their oral care routines in a timely manner.

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