Teeth whitening (bleaching):

Due to the structure of the outer layer (enamel) and a lower layer (dentin) of the tooth or for various reasons.
Teeth whitening to remove discoloration on darker-than-normal teeth
process is applied. In the teeth whitening process, the tooth color is lightened by 8-9 tons. Used
The materials are for professional use and are correct after a physician’s examination.
diagnosis, indication is made and whitening process is applied. Home-use whitening agents
It cannot give the effect it exerts and may cause more harm to the patient.

How to apply teeth whitening:
If bleaching is deemed appropriate after the examination is performed, calculus cleaning is performed in the first place.
and then polishing (tooth polish) is applied. Mouth is clean and suitable for whitening
time processing begins. Teeth whitening is considered a painless and simple procedure. After the gums are isolated
The drug is applied on the teeth and waited, after the effect is completed (20 minutes), the same procedure is repeated.
applied and a session is completed. If enough effect is taken, the procedure is completed, the physician’s
Depending on the decision, 1 or 2 more sessions can be processed.
Is the whitening process harmful:
After the whitening process, there is a single test showing that there is a structural change and permanent damage to the teeth.
There is no research. If the physician uses the right drugs in the appropriate dose and the patient must comply with the rules
If it fits, no problem will be encountered. In some patients, after the whitening procedure,
Temporary sensitivity may occur, in which case the patient should consult his physician.
How long does the effect of the whitening process last:
This period may vary depending on the individual’s tooth structure, application method and the rules that the patient must comply with.
can show. On average, the promised period is between 6 months and 2 years.
How teeth are whiter:
Dentin is the layer that gives color to the tooth. When the bleaching agent is applied, the outermost layer (enamel) is temporary.
pores are formed. Thus, the drug used for whitening reaches the dentin and changes the color of the tooth.
starts. 80% of these pores close 2-3 days after the procedure and the sensitivity experienced in the first days is accordingly.
it depends. At the end of 2 weeks, the enamel layer is completely restored.
What should be considered during and after the whitening process?
* The whitening process must be done under the control of a physician.
*rotten, cracked and broken teeth must be restored before the procedure.
*After the procedure, coffee, cigarettes and tea consumption should be avoided and their consumption should be reduced.
*Consumption of coloring beverages (cherry juice, wine, etc.) should be stopped, especially in the first 2 weeks.

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