Teeth Whitening

teeth; eating habits, excessive smoking, tea and coffee consumption, advancing age,
It may show coloration later due to some drugs used and uncontrolled fluoride intake.
Teeth color varies from person to person. From the eyes while talking and laughing
Then, the discoloration of the teeth, which is the attention point on the face, disturbs many people aesthetically.
is doing. As a solution to this aesthetic problem, whitening compared to various prosthetic applications
The ease of application of the procedure, the fact that it protects the teeth compared to other procedures, the result is immediately visible.
It is widely preferred because of its visibility and cost reduction.
Before whitening, photographs of the inside and outside of the mouth are taken and the first color of the teeth is recorded. Necessary
In cases where calculus is seen, calculus is cleaned (about 10 days ago). one that protects the gums
After the barrier is applied, the whitening agent is applied on the teeth. Waiting time
At the end, the gel on the teeth is cleaned and the process is based on whether the whitening is sufficient or not.
repeatable. After cleaning the whitening gel on the teeth, the result can be observed immediately.
You can also use it at home with special plates prepared in some cases and gels recommended by the physician.
The continuation of the whitening process can be achieved. Finish color after reaching the desired color tone
Saved with photos.
The bleaching process is safe for all colorations except in rare cases.
applicable. The procedure when performed in accordance with the procedures under the control of the dentist
There is no pain or discomfort during the procedure, no damage to the teeth and gums.
does not give. Sensitivity that may last for a few days after the procedure with fluoride applied by the dentist.
removed with gels.
The whitening of the teeth and the number of sessions to be applied vary from person to person.
shows. However, after the procedure, the teeth are always whiter than the first state.
After the whitening process, according to oral care and nutritional habits, the teeth
The color will change over time. To increase the whitening time
physician’s recommendations should be followed. With regular medical check-ups
When heard, the procedure can be repeated in periods ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

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