teeth in corona days


“The world has stopped, we have taken shelter in our homes, and we are threatened by a microbe we hardly know. We are trying to manage the process in the best way because we cannot freeze life. Most of us have encountered an urgent and desperate toothache. How should we approach our dental treatment needs in this situation?”

First of all, keeping our oral care at the best level is the most important and simple measure we can take to prevent problems. Since we leave the house less, our neglected oral care and deteriorating diet take our problems to a higher level as the process gets longer. We should be more careful than ever to spare enough time for oral care in the morning and evening, and not to consume sugary foods frequently.

Nowadays, in clinics, we frequently encounter problems that have advanced due to postponement, advanced infections, extreme pain and tooth fractures that make the person helpless at unexpected times. We encountered a large number of urgent and remedy-seeking cases that reached us during the bans we experienced frequently. We even encounter situations where corona patients are desperate for toothache and call us.

Dental diseases get worse as they wait and do not heal on their own.

If we go to the dentist regularly, being in contact with our doctor by phone or online during this period can prevent a troublesome process that we will experience; that is, if we have an unfinished treatment or if we have a tooth that we think is problematic, we should definitely contact our doctor who follows us and manage the process.

What can we do, when and how should we intervene if our toothaches are haunting us from time to time?

If we have hot and cold pains in our teeth and they are getting more intense, the duration is getting longer, we have to take painkillers from time to time, especially if the pain caused by heat increase intensifies, it means that we may encounter an emergency toothache in a short time.

If the pain in our teeth is relieved by taking cold water, immediate medical attention is required, otherwise the pain may suddenly become unbearable and we may have to run to the first place we find.

If our tooth swells for a short time and we have to suppress it by using antibiotics, this is a situation that we should postpone. Tooth abscess is a disease that does not go away without the intervention of a doctor. Unnecessary use of antibiotics is not only harmful but also undesirable during a virus outbreak.

If our tooth gives a pulse depending on our movements, this means that we will have an irreversible dental problem and it is necessary to intervene.

Postponing these symptoms can leave us in an urgent and extremely painful situation, so it is necessary to contact a doctor and find a solution without delay.

In this process, we have to contact as few people as possible, take a break from social relations, and stay at home as much as possible so that everyone can heal together; but we need to be aware of the problems that we may encounter as the process takes longer and we need to manage this situation. If we have to go to a dental clinic, we need to manage it consciously. We are facing an unknown virus, but this is not the first virus we have encountered.

Dentists are trained and equipped against infection and contagious diseases throughout their education and working lives. Measures to reduce the risk of transmission of many diseases such as hepatitis B, C, HIV are taken in medical places. In medical environments, several-stage sterilization systems are applied and each material used is either disposable or made safe against all infections by passing through special stages.

The challenge we have with the corona virus is the airborne transmission of the virus. This poses a risk no matter what environment we enter, but we can minimize the risk by taking precautions.

We should definitely not take off our masks while going to a treatment, in a taxi, in the elevator, in the toilets. We must disinfect our hands very well. It is important to go to the appointments on time, not to take too many companions, for the waiting area to be healthy. As in other environments, the environment in dental clinics must be well ventilated. There should be a very good aspiration system for the residues that come out with the water while working in the patient’s mouth. After removing our mask, we should not rub our hands over our mouth and nose.

If we are in a risky group, come from travel, are in contact, if we show signs of illness, we should definitely follow up at home or have a test done, and warn the doctor and our environment.

Let’s not forget that we are going through a process where we can be good if everyone is good, and we are obliged to protect ourselves and others. Love everyone.

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