Teeth Grinding

At the core of the negative relationship between stress and dental health lies the problem of bruxism, that is, teeth grinding.
The literal meaning of bruxism is clenching and clenching the teeth and clenching the jaw during sleep. Tooth
squeaking is not a personal habit, it is a health problem that needs to be resolved. Clenching those teeth and
The duration and severity of the jaw clenching determine the damage to the teeth. Sometimes the enamel of the teeth
can reach cracking proportions. At the same time, cystic formations in tooth roots, shortening of tooth lengths,
It can cause changes in the appearance and alignment of the teeth and gum disease. Most of the time
While the person does not realize that he is grinding his teeth at night, he sometimes wakes up with the sound of his teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding and clenching can occur during the daytime due to the negative psychological effects on the person.
livable. If we grit and grind our teeth during the day, we are sure to continue this behavior at night.
we can be.

When we wake up in the morning, the pain and sensitivity in our teeth are not sure whether they grind their teeth at night or not.
Good tip for those who can’t. In some cases, bruxism can cause headache and jaw pain, chin fatigue and
It can even cause difficulty in swallowing. Excessive work of the muscles, especially in the beard and cheek area
result in muscle aches and headaches.

Many people who have pain in the jaw joint and even feel this pain in their ear are actually teething at night.
suffers from the squeaking problem. During the clenching of the teeth, the pads in the jaw joint are crushed.
As it is damaged, pain and dysfunctions occur. Especially when the person tries to eat something by biting
feels more pain.

Of course, the treatment of stress is extremely important in the treatment of bruxism. The factor is eliminated
Once removed, the problem will be resolved by itself. However, over time, permanent problems in the teeth
The night plate made of silicone to be used during sleep is designed by dentists to prevent
is implemented. Meanwhile, muscle relaxants have an important place in the treatment.

The health problems caused by teeth grinding are usually not in the early stages of bruxism, but in the progressive
emerges over time. The emergence of symptoms indicates that the disease progresses and the person has a long
It shows that he has had this problem for a long time. Consider that dental diseases affect our whole body health.
We should consult a dentist before our complaints turn into permanent problems.

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