After root canal treatment, tooth discoloration often occurs. This color change does not cause problems in the back teeth, but causes aesthetic problems in the front teeth. Changes, sometimes up to dark brown, can be observed in the anterior teeth.

After the root canal treatment done according to the rule, the color change is either not at all or it is so little that it does not cause a problem. However, some mistakes made during root canal treatment may cause color change. One of the mistakes that cause discoloration is not removing all of the nerve tissue. Another reason is that the root canal filling materials are left in the crown of the tooth.

Treatment of discolored teeth

There are several options available to meet the aesthetic expectations of patients whose teeth change color after root canal treatment.

  • Single teeth whitening

A single tooth whitening procedure (devital whitening, intracronal bleaching) can be performed for the treatment of discolored teeth. In a single tooth whitening procedure, the bleaching agent is placed inside the tooth and covered with a temporary filling. This process is repeated with an interval of two days until the color of the tooth reaches the desired level.

  • laminate veneers

In cases where the bleaching process does not produce results, porcelain or composite laminate can be applied. With the laminate application, extremely aesthetic results can be obtained without any abrasion on the teeth.

  • Porcelain tooth veneer

Porcelain veneers are the best option when there are cracks, fractures and material loss in the tooth. Porcelain veneers not only repair the tooth, but also meet the aesthetic expectations of the patient.

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