Technology Use in Children

In our society, we see technological tools in the hands of everyone, from the smallest to the biggest. I would like to dwell on the mistakes made in the use of phones, tablets and televisions, which we call 3T, especially in children.

When we look at today’s children, when you give them a phone, they know everything, they understand easily, and they are often equated with the status of “my child is very smart”. Especially in preschool children, since the sense of curiosity is highly developed, whatever you put in front of him will be curious, he will try to discover and solve it. As a result of the immediate grasp of technology by children, the label “intelligent” should not be affixed.

Unlimited use of technology or not introducing the child to technology at all?

Actually, neither. Unlimited use of technology in children will bring with it many problems. It is a process that starts with opening a cartoon that will distract the children so that they can finish their meal, the parent giving a phone to the child so that he can finish his work, and it stays in front of him for hours. The child will get used to this situation and will always want this method. The child, who gets used to playing games on the tablet for hours and watching cartoons for hours, becomes unaware of the limits of technology use. As a result of being exposed to technology for a long time, many problems such as lack of communication skills, eating without recognizing the food by making it dependent on the object, being disconnected from the outside world, being attached to a technological device, and anger problems can be seen. Many of these may have been done by parents, the important thing is to know the skill of setting boundaries and to teach it to the child. Technology addiction may occur if no limits are set.

The other issue is not to introduce the child to technology at all…

There is also a group of people who think that technology is harmful and try to expose their children to technology… When the child grows up, when he starts a kindergarten or kindergarten, he is first introduced to watching television there, then the process of being stunned begins. Technology has its disadvantages, of course, but it also has advantages. At this point, we need to ensure the use of controlled technology rather than an “all (unlimited) or nothing” approach.

So how about the use of controlled technology? Advice to parents…

Children continue their development by taking models. Therefore, parents have a responsibility here. As much as possible, we should not introduce children to technology until the age of 3. In order to be the right model, we should be careful not to watch television all the time, and not to deal with tablets and phones all the time. Spending quality time with children is important for their emotional development to show that we care about them physically and spiritually.

– Children’s watching and playing time should be limited,

-The cartoon or game the child watches should be under parental control,

– Programs or games that are not suitable for the age of children should be prevented,

– Tablet or phone use should be terminated at least forty-five minutes before going to sleep (for the child to fall asleep easily),

-Whether you can’t set a limit only for technology, or if you have difficulty in setting a limit in general, this should be evaluated… First of all, it should be started with other subjects, not limits in technology.

No virtual game or cartoon can be more useful than time with parents. Technology is not a rest break or a way to get away from the kids.

Do not neglect to spend time with your children to heal your soul…

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